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Staged Political Theatre Events Unfortunately Becoming Only More Common

The new scandal involving the Clinton campaign using a 19-year old student to ask a set question is quickly becoming the new standard in American politics with staged and orchestrated events only becoming more common. Recently, a phony staged FEMA news conference made news. But perhaps the "grandaddy" of staged political theatre had to be the infamous Bush "Boxgate" event.

On January 22, 2003, the Bush White House staged perhaps the greatest stage production of political theatre ever known in American politics. In an empty factory building in St. Louis Missouri in which the jobs were outsourced overseas, the Bush White House organized an event as elaborate as any movie or stage play.

A giant canvas background was painted to look like a full factory to your average standard definition TV cameras. And White House staffers dressed up in costumes and hardhats, playing the role of cheering factory workers. Empty boxes of merchandise clearly marked as 'Made In China" were pasted over with phony "Made In USA" stickers. Bush then delivered a rousing "Strengthening America's Economy" speech to the cheering White House staffers wearing the phony factory worker costumes.

Unfortunately all three staged political events represent the new trend of American politics to stage phony political propaganda events where only certain persons are allowed to attend the events and are carefully screened by the campaigns, questions are heavily scripted, or loyal staffers wear costumes and pretend to be someone they are not. If all of this was a Broadway stage show, then it would not be so bad. But when all of this Hollywood-type orchestration of events for mere political propaganda purposes and the brainwashing the public, then it is a very bad trend of political deception. Most likely campaigns will only continue this trend of deception in some form despite a public outcry whenever it takes place. The will to get elected seems to trump integrity for many politicians unfortunately.

"All the world's a stage". Politics included.

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