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The Clinton Team Stumbles into the Las Vegas Debate

Tonight, if our last two posts are any indication, everyone will be focusing on the CNN Democratic Debate from Las Vegas at 8:00 pm EST. See Debate Preview. All eyes will be on Hillary Clinton who has been running a near textbook campaign (Hsu excepted)..that is until recently.

We have alluded to some of her stumbles, sparked by her flip flops on the illegal driver license issue, in the last debate, on October 30. On Wednesday, she gave an unequivocal response that she now totally opposes giving illegals drivers' licenses ....Barack Obama's camp had the best comeback :

"When it takes two weeks and six different positions to answer one question on immigration, it's easier to understand why the Clinton campaign would rather plant their questions than answer them," said Barack Obama spokesman Bill Burton.

These two stumbles, the student question planting, and the driver's license 'u turn', have been followed by another flap...the failure to tip their waitress...As an ex-member of that occupation along with many, I have the waitress's sympathy. I have served a certain amount of celebrities in my time, (at the Greenbrier in West Virginia for one) and it wasn't so much the tip but in the manner that I was treated I could tell whether I was part of the invisible America or not...Evidently Hillary and her team made a complete muddle of the tip.

The stories may seem insignificant in themselves, the planting of the student's question and the tip fiasco, but it is hard to believe that Obama's team would be so highhanded. Hillary's team and has been very successful keeping their finger in the dike of Hillary's negatives, many of which revolve around her arrogance,but the tide may change now.

Mark Kleiman has an excellent column Am I Deranged? on this ambivalence that many progressives have about Hillary. We like her policies, but the the way she conducts herself has more in common with a 'control freak', in the manner (almost) of Bush's vice president, Cheney... Kleiman again:

Now reporters and editors may be looking for chances to even the score, and of course the Republican smear machine is working overtime to gin up anti-Clinton stories. But it's unwise to attribute all negative press about the Clintons to the VWRC (Vast Right Wing Conspiracy) Sometimes they get their bad press the old-fashioned way, by earning it

What this has to do with policies? The answer is precious little, but a lot American politics can sometimes be pretty shallow. Ideally we would like a candidate who makes it part of his or her promise that they are going to open up the Executive, admit mistakes, and lead by example..Most of America, know what we want to change in America, much of that is the way the Executive in this country has been run; using the smoke screen of terror to do whatever it pleased.

As Kleiman says. "After the last seven years, wanting to have a President who isn't surrounded by the morally blind doesn't strike me as a deranged desire."

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