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Giuliani Campaigns for the NASCAR and Anybody but Hillary Vote

Rudy Giuliani has been receiving a lot of criticism lately that he is a one issue candiate, 9/11 (I can't understand why?) so this weekend he traveled to Homestead, Florida to attend a NASCAR race.

And the result; you would think he was at Yankee stadium, the Home that Ruth built, or at St.Peter's, in the Vatican, the way he paid his respect and tribute.

This is our third race this year," he boasted to the assembled dignitaries, who included former heavyweight boxing champion Lennox Lewis, Miss Florida and crew chiefs, shortly before the race.

Then he fawned over the races.

"This is a quintessentially American sport," he told the audience. "It represents the best of America."

And the NASCAR fans... well they were pretty predictable in return.

"He did a damn good job in 9/11. He's the only one I respect in Bush's party." "Put me down as anybody but Hillary "Every woman in the country is going to vote for Hillary," scoffed Brian Landis, 43, a tree surgeon from Deerfield Beach, shaking his head in disgust. "They're just going to vote for her. I like Giuliani. It's who I know. It's who I trust."

A simplication, but this looks like the election scenario; NASCAR dads vs American women, except the conservative ones. New York-based political consultant Joe Mercurio in a Sridhar Pappu Washington Post article expands on that qualification,

When I talk to even Republican colleagues who run focus groups, you have these little old conservative ladies who say the most important issues are on abortion, on guns, on keeping taxes low. And when they ask these people who are you going to vote for they say Giuliani. I think a lot of people don't care about Kerik and the marriages and living in a gay friend's house, because they think he's going to run against Hillary Clinton.

Mahablog sums it up, in a long, eclectic and very readable column Projections:

Maybe he could defeat Hillary Clinton. But then we'd be stuck with Giuliani as President. America should just bend over and kiss its fanny goodbye. And Giuliani is George Bush with brains. You like cronyism? You like polarization? You like chief executives who think they are above accountability? Then Giuliani is your candidate.

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Anybody But warmonger Hillary Clinton...


Bring freedom and justice back to the USA
write in if need be republican Ron Paul and demacrat Dennis Kacinich for pres and VP

Lee Ward:

A Ron Paul / Dennis Kucinich 3rd party ticket is an interesting possibility.


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