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The Bush Touch: His Effect on Foreign Friends Continues to be Frightening

"I don't know what effect these men will have upon the enemy, but by God, they frighten me."

A remark attributed to the Duke of Wellington about his officers during the Napoleonic campaign, may be a good description of Bush, Cheney and their neocon advisors on our erstwhile allies. Lee alluded to this, two posts before, on Saturday, 'the reverse midas touch' that Bush, (unlike Wellington and his men), seems to have had. Scott Horton in Harper's continues the thread:

One by one the leaders on the world stage who put their faith in Bush and thoughtlessly did his bidding have fallen in disgrace, usually rejected by their own voters. The first to go were Italy's Silvio Berlusconi and Spain's José María Aznar ....(and now), Bush's most faithful follower in the entire pack, the veritable boot-licker John Howard of Australia. In each case, the association with George W. Bush was electoral cyanide to voters back home.

Says former German chancellor Helmut Schmidt, a man close to Bush's father and to Henry Kissinger, in a recent interview with Die Zeit, given the choose between Russia's Vladimir Putin and George W. Bush, he'll opt for the Kremlin. Bush 43 is just "too dangerous."

Even Bush's close association with God, the higher authority he consulted on the 'rightness' for the Iraq invasion was proving especially discomforting to no less a religious authority than the Anglican Primate. The Sunday Times (London) reports:

THE Archbishop of Canterbury has said that the United States wields its power in a way that is worse than Britain during its imperial heyday.

Rowan Williams claimed that America's attempt to intervene overseas by "clearing the decks" with a "quick burst of violent action" had led to "the worst of all worlds".

In a wide-ranging interview with a British Muslim magazine, the Anglican leader linked criticism of the United States to one of his most pessimistic declarations about the state of western civilisation.

He said the crisis was caused not just by America's actions but also by its misguided sense of its own mission. He poured scorn on the "chosen nation myth of America, meaning that what happens in America is very much at the heart of God's purpose for humanity".

No one has suffered more than Bush's Coalition ally "Yo Blair", and he is even reluctant to admit his strong Christian faith given his disastrous alliance with his fellow co-religionist Bush.

This is the subtext behind Blair's admission, on an upcoming BBC programme 'The Blair Years':

But while it was commonplace in the US and elsewhere for politicians to talk about their religious convictions, he added, you talk about it in our system and, frankly, people do think you're a nutter.

British voters imagined that leaders who were informed by religion would commune with the man upstairs and then come back and say Right, I've been told the answer and that's it.

I wonder where he would get that idea from? Bush and Blair have been such poor advertisements or reeds for their version of divine guidance that it might be refreshing to hear a politician say "We don't do God" even if it would be electoral cynanide, in 'God Bless America'.

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