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Karl Rove is a Lying Republican Asshole

Sorry for the directness of that headline, but I'm sick and tired of lying, sleazy Republican asses lying to the American people.

You are not going to believe this, well, actually you will... According to Karl Rove (on Charlie Rose), the Bush Administration did not want Congress to vote on the Iraq War resolution in the fall of 2002, because they thought it should not be done within the context of an election. Rove, you see, did not think the war vote should be "political".

Moreover, according to Rove, that "premature vote" led to many of the problems that cropped up in the Iraq War. Had Congress not pushed, he says, Bush could have spent more time assembling a coalition, and provided more time to the inspectors.

If you are like me, you have stopped reading/listening, and are rushing to get your anti-emetic.

It is worth remembering that the Senate in the fall of 2002 was controlled, barely, by Democrats. Get it? George Bush, we are being told, wanted to delay, wanted to hold back, wanted to take the time to build a coalition and let the inspectors finish their job, but that damn Congress just pushed him into it. George Bush, you see, is a careful, prudent, leader, deeply concerned about the consequences of premature.

So Karl Rove wants to rewrite history, and paint George W. Bush as reluctant and Congress the instigators in the invasion of Iraq? What a pile of bullshit - we have to vote these lying assholes out of office. Having your government lie to you is just plain unacceptable, and while Rove was disgraced out of office as a result of the disastrous consequences of the Bush administration and the extent to which liars have split this country apart he still can't bullshit like this and get away with it.

He should be laughed out of the public spotlight and ridiculed for the disgusting piece of crap he is.

Update: Keith Olbermann weighs in - with the clip of Rove on Rose's show lying like a Republican asshole, and Olbermann proves Rove is a lying asshole with quotes from ... the White House:

Related: White House documents referenced by Olbermann which prove Rove is a lying slimeball bullshit artist.

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Comments (4)


Using your own words; "the Senate in the fall of 2002 was controlled, barely, by Democrats."

And yet how did they vote?

Lee Ward:

See update above. Bush was not reluctant - he was urging them to pass the resolution, putz.

and hey Clancy - Why is it that Republicans cannot take responsibility for their actions? Why do Republicans lie in an attempt to rewrite history?

Answer the question. How did the democrats (who controlled the senate) vote?

Bonus questions - prior to the 06 elections, what did the democrats running for congress promise to do? Have they done it? Why not?

I'm not sure how Bush isn't taking responsibility for his actions. He's still standing by the decision he made back in 02, meanwhile the Dems claim to be opposed to the decisions they made back then, yet still can't muster the willpower to do something about it.

Lee Ward:

"Answer the question. How did the democrats (who controlled the senate) vote?

They did precisely what Bush urged them to do - which makes Rove a liar.

Why did Rove lie, Clancy?


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