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Today's Headlines and Links

These news headlines and links courtesy of the Project for the Old American Century newsletter. Each is worthy of its own blog post, but rather than choose one or two to expand upon here's a bunch of the excerpts and links, straight from the newsletter.

  • Dennis Hastert (R-Brautwurst) formally resigns from Congress, to circumvent the law that goes into effect the first of the year requiring a 2 year waiting period for ex-Congresspeople to become lobbyists. -- Link
  • Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour waits approximately 1 minute to violate election law after Trent Lott announces his resignation to circumvent the law that goes into effect the first of the year requiring a 2 year waiting period for ex-Congresspeople to become lobbyists. -- Link
  • Emails Show State Dept Blocking Probe Into Blackwater Iraq Shootings -- Link
  • Why has the United States quadrupled its monthly fuel supply to the Persian Gulf area? -- Link
  • Probe finds fake DHS press briefing in 2006 -- Link
  • Christopher Dodd Asks GOP YouTube Debate Question -- Link
  • Guiliani and Obama top the list of likable candidates -- Link
  • Giuliani: "Never Had Any Doubt" Invading Iraq Was Right Decision -- Link
  • Mitt Romney blasts Mike Huckabee as a liberal in disguise whose commitment to conservatism is doubtful -- Link
  • "Did Thompson waste too much time to have a chance?" In related news, the election is a year from now -- Link
  • Despite Promises To 'End Earmarks,' Giuliani's Law Firm Sought Millions In Pork For Clients -- Link
  • 66 percent of consumers in the United States are confident that the food they buy is safe, down from 82 percent last year -- Link
  • Two Republican senators said that unless Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki makes more political progress by January, the U.S. should consider pulling political or financial support for his government. Yes, I said republican -- Link
  • "Make no mistake: this is Nouri al-Maliki offering the U.S. a permanent presence in return for guaranteeing the security of his government..." -- Link
  • Iran said Tuesday it has manufactured a new missile with a range of 1,200 miles capable of reaching Israel and U.S. bases in the Mideast -- Link
  • We've got to keep pressing hard against an attack on Iran: The security of the United States, as well as the Middle East, is hanging in the balance -- Link
  • In the buildup to Annapolis, Israel continues with Human Rights violations and killings in Tulkarem -- Link
  • In the West Bank city of Hebron Monday morning, Israeli settlers armed with axes came after the students of the Qurtuba School for girls. The settlers broke water pipes, menaced children, blocked the path to the school, and tried to set the school on fire -- Link
  • "Fox and Friends" hypes story about jihadists tunneling directly into U.S. Army base from Mexico. Story based largely on "raw, uncorroborated information" from a source of "unknown reliability" -- Link
  • Hi, I'm Neil Cavuto. I'd just like to remind you that the Democrats are going to tax you all to death and they hate America. You can trust me. Look at the little american flag pin on my lapel -- Link
  • Ruling upholds warrantless searches of homes of welfare recipients -- Link
  • Maryland Schools Have Huge Financial Stake in Coerced Vaccinations of Schoolchildren -- Link
  • and last but not least...

  • FL College Approves Medical Plan For Employee's Pets, Denies Benefits For Domestic Partners -- Link

Fortunately, the end of this Republican War of Terror on America is in sight...

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