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Quit Whining About the Republican Debate

It was quite funny when Mitt Romney declared months ago he was boycotting the Republican CNN YouTube debate because he was afraid of questions from a snowman, and much to my surprise (heh) Mitt later flip-flopped and changed his mind --- but now the right is shedding tears over the revelation that one of the questions in last night's debate came from someone who has ties to Hillary Clinton's campaign.

Here's the question and the questioner, as well as the answers provided by the candidates (gasp!) that has replaced the snowman as the latest thing that makes Republicans wet their diapers:

What IS the big deal here Repubbies? Does the fact that this questioner has ties to Clinton change anything?

CNN has already stated that if they had known the questioner had ties they'd have disclosed it and possible not included the question at all, and I'm of the camp that says the question should have been left out had his ties been known, but I'm amazed at the number of things Republicans can find to whine about. So what? The question wasn't a "gotcha" - it was straightforward and the candidates didn't cry - why is the is right wing blogosphere in tears?

What a bunch of children.

Here's the mea culpa statement from CNN's Anderson Cooper apologizing for not knowing about the questioner's ties:

Good luck trying to find any right wing blog addressing the real issues and the GOP candidate's performances, speaking to who won or lost in last night's debate, you're much more likely to find nothing but Clinton Derangement Syndrome in full bloom. Waa, Waa, Waa-aaa.

I guess if my political party paraded a bunch of idiots in front of the cameras, as the GOP did last night, I'd find something to distract the voters from the issues and the candidates and their positions too.

Update: Jim Addison comes through for the red team.

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Comments (2)

Steve Crickmore[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Yes, I enjoyed the tough questions. If nothing else it provides good theater and a better test for the candidates that being allowed to go into their prepared set pieces so quickley...The Democract candidates should get the same treatment and are, I believe.

I get tired of the normal journalistic questions "What would be your response be to" or ..."You know I must ask you this" as in Larry King softball interview..Having worked in the media, I know the producers, even news producers are more than happy to have the higher ratings that confrontational encounters generally provide. As to the questionerers' ties with Democrats, it was a case of CNN's pre-interviewing version of "don't ask, don't tell".

Civil behavior:

That display of candidates was pathetic.

If that is their best and brightest, well.....


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