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Fox News Pushing Rudy for Prez

The agenda of Fox News in the selection of the Republican nominee for President has come into sharper focus recently, although none of the right wing blogosphere seems to have noticed or care. Their never-ending tirade against the media outlets they perceive as biased towards Democrats grows quiet with regards to Fox and Giuliani -- in typical Republican hypocritical fashion.

Fred Thompson isn't quiet about this, not at all. He's openly challenged Fox's bias and efforts against him. I noticed this bias against Thompson very early on in Fox's report on Thomspon's VFW speech here, but recently Fred himself spoke up against Fox's bias, as this (4:20) video clip demonstrates:

Last night Fox's efforts became even more blatant, as sycophant mouthpiece and right wing blowhard Bill O'Reilly was called in by Fox management to defend Rudy's poor record of performance reference immigration and sanctuary as outlined in the most recent debate by opponent Mitt Romney. Fox doesn't like Romney attacking their candidate of choice and they're quick to come to Rudy's defense in this O'Reilly piece they're calling "The Truth About Rudy Giuliani and Illegal Immigration":

One of the biggest topics in the debate last night was how the candidates have handled the illegal alien issue in the past. Governor Romney put forth that Mayor Giuliani presided over a sanctuary city in New York, that he ignored the problem. The mayor then accused the governor of running a sanctuary mansion because some illegal aliens had worked at Romney's Massachusetts home.

So here's the truth. Like most Americans, Governor Romney doesn't personally check the papers of people working for him. So that's an unfair criticism by Giuliani. However, the mayor is correct in saying that he did what was best for the City of New York when it came to the illegal alien situation.

When Giuliani was first elected in 1994, violent crime was out of control here in the Big Apple. About 2,000 people a year were being murdered. So the NYPD had no time to track illegals and nowhere to put them, even if they made time.

In '94, the federal government detained very few illegal aliens. So what was Giuliani supposed to do? It is true that since many New Yorkers are either immigrants or the children of immigrants, tracking down illegals has never been a smart political move here. But again, in a city of eight million people, the cops have other things to do. Not an excuse, a reality. So I think it's fair to cut Giuliani some slack. [...]

So is Rudy Giuliani soft on illegal immigration? Not anymore. And that's what counts.

"So here's the truth," O'Reilly says -- amazing. Instead of calling Rudy to task on his record as Romney did, Fox News defends Giulliani on the basis of -- he's promised to be tougher?

Fox Reports -- You Decide? Bullshit. They marginalized Fred Thompson from the start, and are now rising to Rudy's defense as often as needed.

It'll be interesting to see if the right wing blogosphere can get their heads out of their asses long enough to report on this development, or are they they same sheep that watch Fox News and pull the lever according to Fox's wishes?

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