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Giuliani's Top 10 'Shag Fund' Excuses--and Why They're Wrong

Giuliani has had such a bad week that he may even be taking legal and moral advice from his old friend and lawyer, Monsignor Alan Placa, who officiated at his second wedding and is himself no stranger to scandal. Placa who still works at Giuliani Partners was, I believe, barred by the Catholic Church from officiating at Rudy's third marriage.

Our colleague, Bill Jempty at Wizbang politics, provides a good background as to the latest or is it the penultimate Giuliani scandal? (There are so many that you can barely keep up with them).

The title of Bill's post is Rudy Giuliani vs Bill Clinton- Any difference?

This may be an interesting question. Of course, there are considerable differences but let's just say for now, Bill Clinton is no longer running for public office but Rudy is.

By the way, I loved Oscar Wilde's admonition that Jempty quoted. "A man who marries his mistress leaves a vacancy in that position." That's certainly one difference betwen Bill Clinton and Giuliani. Excuse me, if I seem a touch facetious. But with the Republicans you're either reading from the hymn sheet or the scandal sheet. There doesn't seem anything in-between.

The ABC Blotter gives a good trip sheet account of the affair. Giuliani's Mistress Used N.Y. Police as Taxi Service.

But keep the meter on...the latest from 'The New York Daily News is that City taxpayers picked up tab for Judith Giuliani's visit to kin in Pennsylvania'...Can you imagine this guy with Air Force One, plus the Pentagon's enormous budgets to provide cover?

So what does Giuliani have to say to defend himself:. He runs the gauntlet. Steve Benen outlines Giuliani's long list of 'shag fund' excuses for his ex-mistress now wife.

Here they are, Giuliani's Top 10 'Shag Fund' excuses -- and why they' re wrong.

1. The story "isn't true"-- There's been no follow-up to explain why he doesn't think the story is true; he simply wants to assert it.

2. The premise of the story isn't true -- Giuliani adviser Anthony Carbonetti said yesterday that the "premise of the original story has been proven false." I'm not exactly sure what this means, but both the story and its "premise" remain very much intact, and Team Giuliani hasn't offered a shred of evidence to the contrary.

3. Giuliani was trying to help the NYPD -- Why did Giuliani hide his Shag Fund bills in the budgets of the Loft Board and the Office for People With Disabilities? According to Giuliani, to help the cops get paid faster. New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly has debunked this argument completely.. (and so on)

That the money was reimbursed eventually, may save Rudy. After all he, is a multimillionaire courtesy of his 9/11 speeches but as Steve Benen says "Usually, when a political scandal breaks, the accused manages to come up with some kind of talking points for supporters to use. So far, Giuliani & Co. are completely stuck, bouncing from one debunked claim after another. It is not a good sign."

Note: Wizbang Blue is now closed and our authors have moved on. Paul Hooson can now be found at Wizbang Pop!. Please come see him there!

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Comments (3)

Steve Crickmore:

I like what digby says

Bernie Kerik, once more stepping into the breach, says that the security had nothing to do with her being the mayor's mistress. I didn't know that the NYPD offered personal security to every citizen who is threatened, but that's a nice perk you New Yorkers have going there. (Here in LA we're told to lock our doors and keep and eye out for anybody who looks suspicious.)

If Giuliani becomes the Republican nomineee, based on the Rudy and Judy show, the GOP may have to change its motto in quick order, from the the party of 'family values' to the party of 'mistress values'? If the shoe fits...


"I think the Republicans are starting to figure out what a fraud he is. I predict we will soon see him falling in the polls." -- Larkin

Yeah, I predict that too. Trouble is, I'm not sure if I want that to happen, because as Larkin points out: "Giuliani's got more dirt than all of the other candidates combined." He's the weakest Republican candidate out there, and it's amazing the Repugnants are supporting him to the extent that they are. And the Fake Christians comprising so much of the Republican party may well stay home rather than vote for Giuliani in the general election, thereby enhancing the chances of the Democratic candidate.

McCain may rise from the ashes yet.

Seroiusly, when is the media going to challange his lie?: YouTube Question for Giuliani


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