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Support CCR's "Rescue the Constitution" Ad (video)

Update (via email): CCR raised the money to run the ad but Bush's private television network -- Fox -- refused to run the ad. The ad will run tonight on MSNBC and CNN instead.

As part of this campaign we produced a television ad featuring actor and activist Danny Glover speaking about Bush administration's destruction of the Constitution. This ad was rejected by Fox News, their explanation being that we could "not document that Bush is in fact 'destroying' the Constitution." It is airing tonight in the DC area on CNN and MSNBC.

Here's the email from Fox to CCR:

In an email provided to Media Matters for America by the Center, Fox News account executive Erin Kelly told Owen Henkel, the Center's e-communications manager, that Fox would not run the ad:
Hi Owen --

We cannot approve the spot with it being Danny Glover's opinion that the Bush Administration is destroying the Constitution. If you have documentation that it is indeed being destroyed, we can look at that.

Sorry about that,


---end of update---

Support CCR's "Rescue the Constitution" ad (video)
Published: Nov 30, 07 01:10 PM

The folks at the Center for Constitutional Rights are fundraising to put this 30 second television ad on Fox in Washington D.C.

I heard CCR Executive Director Vincent Warren speak regarding CCR's efforts at a solution "Beyond Guantanamo" a while back and I was extremely impressed. These aren't nutrooters, these are dedicated, talented and accomplished lawyers setting out to literally Save the Constitution.

Another very creative way for you to show your support for the Constitution is to help flood the Oval Office with copies of the Constitution in the hope that President Bush can find the time to actually read and follow the Constitution for a change.... I'm signature #31965

#31965 November 30, 2007 Lee Ward CA

You can sign up too, as outlined here.


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