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Bush Continues to Cave In to Chinese Pressures Over the Taiwan Issue

In a phone call to Chinese President Hu Jintao on Thursday, President Bush continued his path of mostly caving to any demands of China over their continued opposition to any independence moves of Taiwan. Taiwan is proposing to hold a referendum on proposed U.N. membership, and instead of Bush using the huge trade with China as some bargaining chip to stand for Taiwan's right to some measure of self-determination, promised only to work closely and cooperatively with China on the Taiwan issue.

This is the problem with this administration. It claims to be an advocate of democracy around the world on one hand, proposing democratic elections in the Mid-East in countries such as Iraq, Iran, Egypt and the Palestinian Authority region, that have only strengthened elements not helpful to long-term U.S. foreign policy goals in the region, where illiteracy and a lack of democratic traditions have only strengthened Islamic fundamentalism. But on the other hand, Bush quickly caves into Chinese demands on Taiwan, where their is a strong democratic tradition and high literacy levels to allow meaningful elections with a productive self-determination outcome for the voters.

In addition, Bush continues a foreign policy of rewarding dictators around the world, such as the military government of Pakistan with massive foreign aid as well as proposing a new $400 million in aid the corrupt Fatah and Palestinian Authority leadership elements.

Bush may be under great pressures to cave in to Chinese pressures because of the massive amount of U.S. bonds that China holds that are helping to finance his broke and huge deficit spending government, which could not afford the huge costs of the Iraq War without the bond holdings of China and other debtor nations. And Bush may consider China too large of an entity to offend for the sake of international cooperation in other matters. And despite the new intelligence revelation that Iran's nuclear program is not as nearly as dangerous as previously claimed by Bush, Bush continued to make his case for his own views on Iran to Chinese President Hu Jintao, although these new intelligence revelations don't back up his case very well.

It's like amateur night for foreign policy with this Bush Administration on so many fronts. There is a real lack of backbone where it's really needed. There's continued massive foreign aid to the wrong sort of governments around the world. And there's the continued Iraq War mistake, that only continues to drain the federal budget, although U.S. deaths have declined somewhat recently due to some military setbacks to Al-Qaeda. And so far, most Republican candidates for President only seem to echo their support for these failed foreign policy objectives from this very poor presidential administration, not realizing that this foreign policy lacks any common sense or even consistent values whatsoever. There seems to be a real lack of common sense among most Republican hopefuls that it's time to drain the swamp.

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