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God Wants Huckabee To Succeed

God is choosing sides in the election? I don't believe that but apparently Huckabee does. Huck's starting to look a little nutty.... Here he is at Liberty University.

It looks like the questioner is glancing at his notes just before he asks the question. Was this guy a plant? Who is Daniel Webb? This from his DIGG profile.

I am a student at Liberty University who is on fire for the Lord. I'm majoring in Religion and Minoring in Greek and Political Science. Besides School and ministry, I am campaigning hardcore for Mike Huckabee. facebook: Liberty University for Mike Huckabe

And apparently Webb is a member of a group calling themselves "Huck's Army."

I think it's great the Huckabee is bringing young voices into the election process, and that Webb and others are finding that Huckabee is someone they can champion...but I'm sure Huckabee wouldn't take credit for it -- after all - it's just God's will.

Meanwhile, Mike's wife Janet says the Huckabee folks don't do "plants."

When Janet Huckabee opened the floor for questions, the first questioner asked about new polling that shows Huckabee narrowly trailing Romney in Iowa for second place. "In Iowa?!?" Huckabee said to laughter. "Thank you for asking. They're going to think that question was planted. We don't do any planted questions."


Not to worry, Janet Huckabee is also citing God's will as a driver in the Huckabee campaign.

"God's a big God," Huckabee continued. "If he wants us to continue to go and to fight the giants, we'll do that. You remember Jesus feeding the 5,000 with two fishes and five loaves. So, we're multiplying our money. Every dollar spends like a thousand and every prayer we get is like a million bucks."

You've got your basic loaves, you got your basic fishes, you've got your hungry 5,000 - and God's on their side, pushing the Huckabees forward and up in the polls.

I can't wait for Fox to break the news to these folks that the loaves and fish won't buy a 30 second slot on Bill O'Reilly's show, but these folks aren't going to need to advertise much to the Bush base anyway - they're pushing all of the Christian Right's hot buttons already.

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National Guard LT:

Lee OT and you do not need to post. Could you spread the word on the new blog at http://vetvoice.com/
It is a product of vetvotes.org and they have a rip roarin chickenhawk of the day series!!!

Lee Ward:

You mean the votevets.org group.

A significant milestone in the march to end the war in Iraq was General Batiste's public statement to the President, as was General Eaton's statement.

Both messages were put out there by the votevets folks, and I was proud to cover their response to Limbaugh's attack as well.

I will defintely check out vetvoice.com


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