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Hersh: White House Knew Iran's Status

Hersh says Cheney had a stranglehold on the intelligence and held on tightly because it was counter to his agenda.

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Of course Bush knew. Hersh wrote one of his articles a year ago in the Summer of 2006 & mentioned the NIE that was being reviewed and that showed Iran was not engaged in nuclear weapons research.

Bush is a LIAR and this NIE proves it. He & Cheney deliberately beat the drums for war w/ Iran using the nuclear bomb excuse that had worked so well w/ Iraq.

These bastards should be impeached & then sent to the Hague to stand for war criminal charges.

Lee Ward:

How much do you suppose Karl Rove charges for a custom-made "curveball" these days now that he's a free agent?

National Guard LT:

When is wizbang (old style) going to cover this?

crickets chirping.......

I am a lifelong Conservative and now only "read" wizbang by looking at the wizbangblue sidebar.

Lee Ward:

What? You don't find Jim Addison's latest post about Kangaroo Farts as newsworthy? Addison must have been giggling like a child through the whole thing...but then he probably giggles like a child throughout sex also.

It's a sign of the times, LT - right wing blogs are trying to lull the Bush base readers into hibernation so they don't lose more centrists to the blue light. Boring their readers to death is all part of a grad Rovian strategy...and they do it so well (at times).

Seriously though, I think the blogosphere is going through a slow period, and fatigue has set in at many right wing sites. They'll catch their breath and come out swinging as soon as the primaries start.

National Guard LT:

Lee Ward, "so they don't lose more centrists to the blue light."

I am part of the conservative right and the "koo koo co co puffs" have lost me. They are friggin nuts.

Three years ago, I would have low crawled over broken glass to vote for anybody with the magic R after their name.

Six months ago, I was willing to simply do a protest vote and vote Constitution Party.

Today, shit I would actually vote for Hillary or Obama.

I can only hope that Bush whacked republicans have not given "William Buckley Conservatives" too bad a name.

Hey, I just read that the House is on the verge of passing a defense bill that excludes Iraq.

Speaker Pelosi, thank you for the Christmas present!

Co co puff republicans however want to send me to Iraq, FOREVER.

Lee Ward:

Larkin wrote a great post on the demise of the Republican party, which included a quote from Buckley, here. I included Buckley's assesment in the comment thread here as well. I'm a big Buckley fan - the guy is brilliant and articulate.

Re: sending you to Iraq -- that is true, and they want to send your children as well.

The religious right who've hijacked the Republican Party (thanks to Rove's bright idea of building the platform around them as the base) want to maintain a constant presence of US force in the Middle East as a permanent presence there to protect Israel. Bush's ties to the Saudis and the oil industry made him the perfect guy for the job (if you ignore his incompetence - which Bush 41 (aka "Dad") tried to 'fix' by installing Cheney and Rumsfeld around him.

All of which made this a perfect storm that has torn apart our great nation, and wrecked the GOP.

It's time to take back our country.


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