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Sibel Edmonds's Story is More Explosive Than the Pentagon Papers: Daniel Ellsberg

Sibel Edmonds, an inconvenient patriot, has a sensational story to tell. She and her family grew up in Turkey and Tehran and endured interrogations by both SAVAK, the Shah's secret police and the revolutionary guards from Ayatollah Khomeini, so the FBI's attempts to muzzle her personally haven't been very successful. She is extremely tenacious, as you can see in this clip, click the trailer.

However, her story is so damaging and verifable that neither politicians or the mainstream media want to touch it. Even top Democracts like Henry Waxman seem cowed, because it leads to Tel Aviv? Sibel, whom the ACLU calls "the most gagged woman in the history of America," is willing to talk, has sent out an ultimatum to Congress and the American mainstream media, over a month ago, on Octoberr 27th.

"I have been receiving calls from the mainstream media all day," Edmonds recounted the day after we (Bart Blog, along with the daily kos), ran the story announcing that she was prepared to violate her gag-order to disclose all of the national security-related criminal allegations she has been kept from disclosing for the past five years.

"The media called from Japan and France and Belgium and Germany and Canada and from all over the world," she told The BRAD BLOG.

"But not from here?" we asked incredulously.

Daniel Ellsberg considers her story more ''explosive than the Pentagon Papers". He said, "There will be phone calls going out to the media saying 'don't even think of touching it, you will be prosecuted for violating national security."

She is willing to talk about what she learned from her assigned post-9/11 FBI postion of bugging the Turkish embassy, until it became too hot; "there was too much criminal activity", and it had to be shut down..

This is what she would probably say given the opportunity.

According to Sibel, the best place to begin trying to understand the case is a recent article by Phil Giraldi in the American Conservative. Sibel says "Giraldi has it 100% right; this I consider the most accurate summary of my case."

Giraldi writes:

"Sibel Edmonds... could provide a major insight into how neoconservatives distort US foreign policy and enrich themselves at the same time. On one level, her story appears straightforward: several Turkish lobbying groups allegedly bribed congressmen to support policies favourable to Ankara. But beyond that, the Edmonds revelations become more serpentine and appear to involve AIPAC, Israel and a number of leading neoconservatives who have profited from the Turkish connection.

Turkey benefits from the relationship by securing general benevolence and increased aid from the US Congress - as well as access to otherwise unattainable military technology. The Turkish General Staff has a particular interest because much of the military spending is channeled through companies in which the generals have a financial stake, (similar to Pakistan) making for a very cozy and comfortable business arrangement. The commercial interest has also fostered close political ties, with the American Turkish Council, American Turkish Cultural Alliance and the Assembly of Turkish American Associations all developing warm relationships with AIPAC and other Jewish and Israel advocacy groups throughout the US".

"Someone has to be in the middle to keep the happy affair going, so enter the neocons, intent on securing Israel against all comers and also keen to turn a dollar."

Giraldi goes on to list some neocons who are "linked to Turkey" - Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, Paul Wolfowitz, Marc Grossman, Eric Edelman, and Stephen Solarz - and he suggests that they "enrich themselves" via drug trafficking and arms dealing.

This has always been a certain naivete about the motives of the neocons. Their motives are not so much out of patriotism for the US or Israel, but fundamentally in order to make money and lots of it. Dr. Johnson nailed it, when he said "patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel".

Have you ever heard of a poor neocon? They don't exist. And where are the highest profits: Arms racketeering and hard drugs. It makes sense. Of course, and it all can be kept quiet, because these are 'state privleged secrets', national securty. It's a 100 % fire-proof except if you are found out by someone like Sibel, who unlike the media or Congress can't be intimidated, by that old canard 'for reasons of national security'.

In Sibel's letter to the 911 Commission, she writes:

"If counterintelligence (CI) receives information about terrorism (remember Lockerbie) that implicates certain nations, semi-legit organizations or the politically powerful in this country, then that information is not shared with counterterrorism, regardless of the consequences."
In other words, CI (under pressure) is protecting:
* Certain nations - Turkey, and probably Israel, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and some of the 'Stans.
* Semi-legit organizations - the American Turkish Council, Assembly of Turkish American Associations (and others), and probably AIPAC.
* Politically powerful - Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, Eric Edelman, Marc Grossman and Dennis Hastert - and probably Paul Wolfowitz, Bob Livingston, Stephen Solarz and others.

Who is pressuring CI to not move on the cases?
In Sibel's letter to the 911 Commission, she writes "In certain cases, frustrated FBI agents have cited "direct pressure by the State Department." In an (excellent) interview with Chris Deliso, Sibel states,"The Department of State is easily the most corrupted of the major government agencies."

Quite a story! Small wonder no one wants to touch it, not because it is untrue because it opens up so many cans of worms. The American political system and establishment feel that the American people wouldn't be able to cope with the truth..If the truth came out the public's naive faith in the sincerity of its politicians would be underminded and we would discover that most of our politicans, particularly from one party, are covering up their own crime$ and misdemeanours. The only national securty issue pertinent is whether our political system requires a suspension of disbelief that our side and allies are very corrupt and spineless.

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Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

One need only look at Krooked Krongard to recognize just how corrupt the State Department is and the extent to which hacks like Krongard are there as neocon agenda 'gatekeepers' instead of public servants.


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