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Mike Huckabee Destroyed Governor's Office Records After Questions Of Gifts And Personal Use Of Funds Arose

Behind that small town charm of Mike Huckabee, with that "Mayberry" name, Gomer Pyle looks and "aw schucks" demeanor, is far less appealing story of raised allegations of using some official Governor's budgets for personal use, accepting huge gifts from wealthy campaign donors and destroying computer hard drive evidence of the trail of gifts or personal spending that took place while he was Governor of Arkansas.

And that small town charm also wears thin as many who know Huckabee actually claim he is both "petty" and "thinskinned", and far from the nice person that many have been fooled into believing that he is. And unfortunately the conduct of Baptist preacher Mike Huckabee while acting as Governor of Arkansas is way too similiar to that of too many corrupt TV evangelists in way too many ways. Both are known for their widespread use of funds meant for specific activities for personal use, such as clothes and furniture, etc.

Huckabee's trail of ethics problems really broke to the Arkansas public when the ARKANSAS TIMES ran a story on how Huckabee used Governor's Mansion Expense Account Funds to buy clothes for the personal use of his wife. And in a worst example, Huckabee accepted a $70,000 expensive furniture gift from a wealthy cotton farmer political donor, which was later found out to be unacceptable as well. When a staffer first raised concerns about the $70,000 gift, Huckabee used strongarmed legal threats against the staffer to quiet them down and attempted to suppress the story. And upon leaving office, Huckabee made sure all the computer hard drive evidence of his spending record of budgets as Governor were destroyed, effectively ending any future ethics or conduct investigations.

And even the Huckabee campaign has been scandal plagued with allegations of staffers using dirty tactics such as negative "push polls" to harm other candidates or the use of religious bigotry to attack the religion of Mormon candidate Mitt Romney. Huckabee attempts to make himself look like the good guy and denounce these tactics, but only after the dirty conduct becomes public.

Mike Huckabee has it all wrong if he believes that the average American wants to elect a president who uses official budgets for their family's personal use or accepts huge gifts from powerful donors. At the state level in Arkansas, Huckabee was able to get away with this unethical and questionable conduct due to the laws of that state. And serious questions have to be raised about how a religious right Baptist preacher would harm civil liberties or the seperation of church and state as well. Huckabee may have been able to get himself elected Governor in a poor conservative Christian right state like Arkansas, but his televangelist type beliefs and ethics problems are all wrong for America.

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Classy Sassy:

Boy, you have the nerve to say these things about Mike Huckabee, when you have Hillary standing closer to the WH than anybody. And I thought you were talking about them at first. Mike has not taken anything from Arkansas that was not his in the first place. As for furniture, he had to stock the Governor's mansion and the capitol just to move in because the last tenets took most of it with them. And as for playing dirty, did you think to check how the Clinton's and their employs left the office equipment? Some of it had feces on it. Where were the hard drives from the Clinton's? Now days, you take the hard drives with you, as it has things that the public is not supposed to know. Privileged information act. Some things just don't go public. The Clinton's are still keeping papers from the public. The RINO'S AND THE DINO'S that are against Mike are so AGAINST HIM they are willing to tell any kind of lies or do any kind of under handed tricks to make him look bad. I have known him a long time too and I don't think he is "petty" or "thin skinned" I guess when he had to fire some of the Clinton left overs, they got pretty mad. I know he mad some very rich and powerful ppl in Arkansas mad because he wouldn't jump through their hoops, or play Arkansas-good ole boy-politics. Which Arkansas has been doing since the Civil War!! The damnorats are mad because the real ppl of Arkansas elected him 3 times!! And that had never been done by someone that didn't take bribes or money under the table. And the reps. are mad because he wouldn't play THEIR GAME. So keep trying to smear him and make something out of nothing, and Mike will continue to climb in the polls. The real people in America want a REAL DEAL---LIKE MIKE!!!

Lee Ward:

We should charge the Huckabee campaign for the ad space. - Sheesh.


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