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Are Both Parties Just Inviting A Third Party Challenge In 2008?

There are some troubling trends for both political parties at this point only weeks before the Iowa caucas and the New Hampshire primary that could spell the nomination of candidates by both political parties that are viewed as unacceptable by a wide number of all voters as a whole.

For the Democrats, Hillary Clinton is beginning to slip at just the wrong critical time, quickly losing momentum to relatively inexperienced newcomer Senator Barack Obama. Although Clinton has all the skills required to be an effective president, many voters either do not like her or do not trust her. And in recent weeks this sentiment seems to be propelling the challenge by Barack Obama, who could possiby wrest the nomination from Clinton, but may not be viewed as qualified and experienced enough to be able to be elected from the wide range of all 2008 general election voters.

Republicans are facing there own serious nomination problems as well. They have some perfectly viable and strong candidates in John McCain, Rudolph Giuliani or Mitt Romney, but since the party is now far more conservative than in the past, largely due to rise of the Christian right, the chances of nominating mainstream candidates such as a Dwight Eisenhower or Richard Nixon as in the past are now gone. Religious right conservatives are propelling former staffer to televangelist James Robison, Mike Huckabee in recent polling over stronger possible nominees, despite real questions about his overall electability among all voters.

There is also the authenticity factor. Clinton, Giuliani and Romney are often seen as pandering to voters in a patently phony manner, often viewed as only telling voters what they want to hear, or having amazing issue flip flops on issues that seem so phony that many potential primary voters are now revolting and seeking someone more genuine to support. All of this current only seems to leave both parties seeking someone fresh and new, however both Obama and Huckabee may not have the broad appeal or high level of voter trust in their real ability to be elected president really required to seal the deal with enough voters to win the general election. All of this only invites a strong third party challenge by someone with a solid record of achievement and voter trust for the general election, although no third party challenge has gone above the 19% support level in modern times.

With authenticity, trust, or strong political disagreement issue with the possible viable strongest candidates, both parties could potentially nominate two weaker candidates who are unable to command enough overall voter trust to win the general election, giving a strong third party candidate a real chance in 2008. Voters of both political parties really need to take a serious look at the candidates and nominate some candidates who can actually win the general election. But with major differences between the party primary and all general election voters, this may not happen this year, and the door could be left wide open for a strong third party challenge with a real chance of actually winning this year.

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