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Blackwater Loses Skirmish in San Diego County


As most of you know, the mercenary outfit known as Blackwater USA has been trying to get approval to build a terrorist training camp in the sleepy rural town of Potrero, California which is about 50 miles east of San Diego. I'm happy to report that there was a recall election held for the Potrero Planning Group, five of whom had supported the building of the Blackwater facility:

Five members of the Potrero planning group were voted off the panel Tuesday night in a recall election that served as a symbolic referendum on a controversial training camp proposed by Blackwater Worldwide.

The five incumbents all supported the proposed facility.

As the five were ousted, five candidates on an anti-Blackwater slate were voted in to replace the incumbents on the rural town's planning group.

Three cheers for the hard-headed folks out in Potrero who refuse to roll over in the face of Blackwater's political machine. Blackwater may have purchased the allegiance of the Bush administration and Republicans in Congress but they can't buy the people of Potrero. The San Diego County Board of Supervisors will make the final decision but one hopes they will pay attention to the election results out of Potrero. It's clear that the people of Potrero want nothing to do with Blackwater. The only question now is whether the Board of Supervisors will respond to the wishes of the people or a band of mercenaries with strong ties to powerful politicians in Washington DC.

Oh, and how close was the vote for the "Blackwater 5" you ask?

Should Jerry Johnson be recalled?: Yes - 187; No - 93

Mary Johnson be recalled:
Yes - 189; No - 91

Gordon Hammers be recalled:
Yes - 196; No - 84

Janet Wright be recalled:
Yes 186; No 94

Thell Fowler be recalled:
Yes - 176; No - 104

Those are roughly two-to-one margins. That's what you call a thumpin' folks.

Block Blackwater.

Update:Julia Rosen at Calitics has more. She reports that Bush carried Potrero by 25% in the last election.

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Comments (2)

Lee Ward:

Wow, a very sound thumping indeed. Keep us posted on the progress - and let us know if there is anything we non-San Diegans can do to help defeat Blackwater, Larkin.

Peter F.:

...a terrorist training camp...

Cute. But Blackwater IS NOT a terrorist organization no matter how much you'd like to think so.

Grow up.


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