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Hucksters For Huckabee; Romney Turns Desperate

Former Massachusetts Governor and businnessman, Mitt Romney, is like any other businessman who has just invested $20 million of his own money in a bad investment. Romney is worried and greatly concerned. And watching his big investment in Iowa being lost in sagging poll numbers is only inspiring desperation on his part and new attack ads as well as more hypocrisy on the immigration issue.

Romney wants you to forget that undocumented aliens were good enough to do the upkeep on his estate and mow his lawn or trim his bushes, but now attacks the immigration record of Mike Huckabee, which at least displayed some sense of Christian compassion and moderation at the time that he was Governor of Arkansas.

However, yesteday even Mike Huckabee displayed an election year "conversion" of his own, and an about face on the immigration issue, and embraced the leader of the Minuteman organization. Mike Huckabee never bothered to mention that this same Minuteman organization leadership raised millions of dollars to build a fence across the border along Mexico, yet only put up a few sticks of lumber fence posts in one location, or a cheap wire fence in another area only meant to keep a few cows penned in. Both projects costs less than a few thousand dollars at most.

During the endorsement of Huckabee, the Minuteman leader never bothered to mention where he spent the other millions of dollars raised for the border fence project. In one case, a wealthy farmer donated $150,000 to the Minuteman border fence fund cause, yet has so far seen nothing for his investment. In reality, the Minuteman organization never had the permission to run any fence across both private and public land that runs hundred of miles along the border of the U.S and Mexico. The border fence fund appeal was a scam from the very beginning.

Like any true former staffer to a televangelist, Mike Huckabee has learned to find new friends with other "hucksters" like the Minuteman fence scam artists who raised millions for a project thay they knew they never intended to build in the first place. And Mitt Romney has learned to turn into even a bigger hypocrite on the immigration issue as he watches the value for the dollar of his $20 million personal investment in Iowa evaporate. Indeed, the Iowa caucas is only bringing out the very worst in the politicians as the event draws near. If these men are this dishonest now only running for president, just think what they'll be like sitting in the White House.

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Jimmie Lewis:

As a 70 year old Hucklebee proponet and a life time Republican. I became interested in politics in 1964. I worked for Barry Goldwater when we were called right wing extremists.
I voted for some Republicans since that I had to hold my nose to vote for.
Mitt Romney is the first time I willvote for the
democrat instead of him. I would rather vote for an abotionist, than someone, I feel is lieing about their views.
Mitt, pleae get your votes where they came from in the past. THE LOG CABIN REPUBLICANS, and leave the Christian Right alone.


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