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Another Sign Fred Thompson is Failing

The Fred Thompson campaign failed to get the 500 signatures needed to get on the Delaware ballot.

According to the Department of Elections, Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee have been certified to be on the Delaware primary ballot on Feb.5th.

Unfortunately, Fred Thompson fell short of the 500 signature mark, and will not be on the ballot. [...]

UPDATE: Jason Bonham at Race42008.com is reporting that the DOE said Thompson only had 281 out of 500 signatures, and that most of their signatures were rejected because they were not registered Republicans.

Seven months ago Thompson released a video on the internet which was a response to comments made by liberal filmmaker Michael Moore. In it Thompson refused Moore's invitation to a debate, and did so in a pompous, elitist manner.

At that time I called Thompson "as phony as a three-dollar bill," and if you watch the video and compare it to Fat-Head Fred's recent debate performances it's clear to see that the person appearing in that May, 2007 video was not Thompson the poltician and presidential candidate -- it was Thompson the phony, two-bit actor.

But that's what conservative America bought into -- Thompson the actor -- ignoring the documented accounts of Thompson's poor work ethic, questionable political ethics, and his brief but glaringly devastating few moments in the public spotlight -- in his role as Republican Mole in the Watergate Hearings, a time during which President Nixon criticized Thompson for his lack of intelligence.

And this was the great hope for conservatives? What a joke.

Conservative America bought into a myth, a dream... what some would say was nothing more than a charlatan's scam. As Fred stutters and stammers on the world stage for a few more weeks now signs like the Delaware ballot failure loom large, evidence of what happens when a poseur seeks the Presidency. It was just a matter of time before reality unmasked the pretender, and exposed him as the monumental failure of the 2008 Presidential campaign.

No wonder he refused to debate Moore. It was all just an act.

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