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Bill Clinton on Obama's Experience and Qualifications

Bill Clinton speaks to Barack Obama's experience and qualifications.

And Hillary chimes in following her endorsement by the editorial board of the Des Moines Register newspaper:

Clinton comes off a fresh piece of good news for her campaign, Sunday's endorsement by the Des Moines Register editorial board, which also endorsed GOP candidate Sen. John McCain. She is also touring all 99 Iowa counties in the coming days by helicopter.

Without naming her closest rival, Clinton again pointed to experience as one of the primary reasons the Register chose her.

"I was obviously honored and thrilled by that Des Moines Register editorial, because it laid out exactly what I believe the issue to be: Who is best equipped, experienced and ready to make the kind of changes that Americans from across the political spectrum, now not only know we need to make, but are anxious that we start rolling up our sleeves and making" those changes, Clinton said.

Another rival, John Edwards, who is also within striking range in Iowa, received the newspaper's endorsement in 2004. While the paper hasn't picked a winner in more than 20 years, Edwards said the newspaper and he had philosophical differences about what's needed to bring about change.

"Well, its funny. I do congratulate her. It's a great thing for her. But, at least in the last couple of elections, what it seems to have guaranteed is a second place finish in the caucuses. So we'll have to do everything in my power to see whether that happens this time," the former North Carolina senator said.

With a nod towards the perception that Obama's resume is less than most presidential candidates, the Boston Globe gave its endorsement to Obama nonetheless:

The Globe's editorial board dismissed concerns over the Illinois senator's relative lack of Washington experience.

"It is true that all the other Democratic contenders have more conventional resumes, and have spent more time in Washington," the board wrote.

"But that exposure has tended to give them a sense of government's constraints. Obama is more open to its possibilities."

But the [Des Moines] Register's editorial board -- which noted that Obama "demonstrates the potential to be a fine president" -- still gave the edge to the senator from New York, saying it made the nods in both parties' primaries based on competence and readiness to lead.

"When Obama speaks before a crowd, he can be more inspirational than Clinton," the board wrote. "Yet, with his relative inexperience, it's hard to feel as confident he could accomplish the daunting agenda that lies ahead."

A Clinton/Obama ticket still makes a lot of sense to me.

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