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Giuliani's Fall from Grace

rudy-thumb.jpgAs his presidential aspirations begin to falter, Rudy Giuliani is slashing spending in New Hampshire where he has no chance so he can make a last stand in Florida where a recent Rasumussen poll showed Huckabee on top. Pollster.com has all the recent polls showing the unmistakable Huckabee surge in Florida while Giuliani's numbers are beginning to break down. The Rasmussen daily tracking poll also shows Huckabee's lead nationally firming up:

  • Huckabee - 23%
  • Giuliani - 17%
  • Romney - 15%
  • McCain - 13%
  • Thompson - 13%

And remember, these polls have yet to reflect the bounce that Huckabee will get from Iowa where he will probably win and the bounce Romney will get from New Hampshire.

Nicholas Wapshott of the Sun explains why the Giuliani campaign is imploding:

Rudolph Giuliani's decision to largely abandon the early voting state of New Hampshire and concentrate his efforts on the Florida primary three weeks later reflects an uncomfortable truth for the former New York mayor: The more he campaigned in the Granite State and the more he spent on advertising there, the more his poll numbers dropped.

In short, people just don't like Giuliani and the more he gets in front of them the more unpopular he becomes. The weeks of relentlessly bad press have begun to take their toll on Giuliani. His attempt to base his entire campaign on his 9/11 resume is also proving to be a costly mistake. The American people want to know what you believe and where you want to lead the country. This is the main reason Huckabee is surging; even though he would lead us in the wrong direction as a country he is succeeding at convincing Republican primary voters that he's got the right stuff.

Giuliani better stop running on his resume and figure out fast what he actually wants to accomplish as president. The American people won't elect him president just because he happened to be mayor of New York when 19 thugs armed with boxcutters struck us on 9/11. Wherever Giuliani wants to lead it's unlikely that Republican primary voters will follow because he has never been a true conservative.

Stick a fork in him. He's done.

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