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Barack Obama has Oprah but Ron Paul's Got a Blimp

Old Media tries to explain the Ron Paul movement on December 8, 2007:

The blimp is headed for New York City this weekend, and you can check ahead 3-4 weeks by accessing their itinerary.

What a great addition to the election year, some good old-fashioned electioneering by people who believe in their candidate so much that they're willing to volunteer time and effort towards keeping the dream alive.

Ralph Nader has decided not to endorse Barack Obama, but is reportedly considering backing John Edwards. Besides providing a comforting cushion against the chilling thought of Nader mounting a third-party bid I'm having fun with the idea that Ron Paul the Constitutionalist plus Ralph Nader the ultra-Progressive are a perfect ticket for the White House. Wouldn't it be fun if Ralph Nader endorsed Ron Paul?

Let Paul get us out of the Middle East and started mending fences, while we let a real progressive (as opposed to a relabeled liberal) move forward a domestic social agenda that rolls us back to pre "Contract on America" levels of humanity and decency. This country has been dirtied by corrupt crooks for too long -- we need to throw the pendulum back to the left with nice, hard swing.

Both Paul and Nader strike me as 100%-honest Americans and that's the highest order; a government we can trust to listen to us instead of greedy institutions. Chase away the Conservative Charlatans, rubbing their hands together like tent-pitching Evangelistas, waiting for their chance to grab your wallet.

Paul will pull us back to our borders and out of the nation-building business (which only serves to profit Haliburton et. al) and make us safe again while Ralph Nader will find a way to spend an amount equal to that spent by GWB in Iraq on social programs that serve to help rebuild the American Dream.

Cue the blimp.


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The Blimp only needs 90K more in the next 36 Hours to keep flying through the early primaries!

BE A PART OF SOMETHING! Donate to the blimp TODAY!

Last time we needed 50K in a day, we got it NO PROBLEM! LETS MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

Ron Paul doesn't need Ralph Nader. He's got Don Black and Bill White.


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