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FOX Attacks: Edwards and Obama

BraveNewFilms has a new release outlining Fox News' bias and Obama and Edwards' reaction to it by boycotting Fox.

More and more people are catching onto the fact that Fox News is not a legitimate news organization, but is instead just a propaganda arm of the GOP.

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You can't argue the facts dude!

I'm not about to argue that Hannity isn't a partisan conservative Republican, or that O'Reilly isn't an ass.

Chris Wallace and Brit Hume, though, have long-established reputations as journalists. Hillary Clinton wasn't afraid to face Wallace, even after his confrontation with her husband. I thought she came out of it rather well.

I suspect Obama and Edwards believe they can earn more support from the Democratic base voters by "boycotting" Fox News than they could possibly gain by facing the FN audience. Should one of them win the nomination, though, will they continue to eschew the free air time?

Lee Ward:

Will they continue to boycott Fox? I suspect so.

"Hillary Clinton wasn't afraid to face Wallace"

Couching the boycott as being "afraid" to face Fox journalists is precisely the bullshit Obama and Edwards avoid by their boycott. There's no journalistic integrity in describing their actions as "fear," but its precisely the kind of bullshit Fox would (will) use against them.

Edwards and Obama aren't afraid of Fox, Jim - you don't really believe that do you?

Fox built their audience on the same mil-blogger model employed by many right wing conservative blog sites, and also on the conservo-babble talk radio audience enjoyed by Limbaugh and Hannity. to call it "journalism" is a joke - Is Air America "journalism"?

Even Fred Thompson called Fox on their bullshit --- here.


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