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What the Heck is Wrong with Giuliani?

This story is just completely bizarre:

Mr. Giuliani was admitted to Barnes-Jewish Hospital here on Wednesday night after he fell ill on a campaign swing through Missouri. His aides said that he had felt increasingly ill as the day went on, and that after his plane left for New York he experienced such a severe headache and flu-like symptoms that the plane returned to Missouri.

Who in the hell turns a plane around and has emergency medical services evacuate you to the hospital when they get "flu-like symptoms"? He couldn't just take an aspirin and tough out the flight? And when he returned one of his aides couldn't drive him to the hospital? He had to get EMS to do it? This story just doesn't add up. Either Giuliani is the biggest wuss in America or he was having symptoms that were a lot more serious than the flu.

The Giuliani campaign is stonewalling the media on this:

Just what had ailed Mr. Giuliani was unclear. His communications director, Katie Levinson, said he had been given "a clean bill of health" before he left the hospital. "Doctors performed a series of precautionary tests and the results of all the tests were normal," Ms. Levinson said in a statement.

The campaign declined to elaborate on what his symptoms were or to specify which tests were performed. Hospital officials said the campaign had asked them not to provide any information about Mr. Giuliani's health and to refer questions to the campaign.

And now Giuliani has cancelled a campaign appearance for Friday in New Hampshire. If he's "fine" why is he cancelling campaign appearances at this critical moment when his quest for the presidency hangs in the balance? Again, it just doesn't add up.

Any rational outside observer has to come to the conclusion that there's something more going on than we are being told. How Giuliani thinks he can hide medical conditions from the people is beyond me, but then again, Bush hid his Lyme Disease from us.

Meanwhile, the Giuliani campaign is a state of collapse. Giuliani has lost his lead in Michigan. And the national polls which have been in his favor for months are now slipping away. Maybe Giuliani's not sick; he's just sick of it.

One thing's for sure: Republican primary voters are getting sick of him.

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Well my automatic first answer was based on what's wrong with him mentally, ethically and morally. But physically? No clue.


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