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Bhutto Assassination. Huckabee Wants Border Fence With Mexico Built Pronto

The Bhutto assassination has given 'the Huckster' a chance to flash his light foreign policy and geography credentials that has even Fox News gasping, Mike Huckabee Slips When Discussing Pakistani Illegal Immigrants.

Mike Huckabee made some more factual slips Friday with respect to his foreign policy and immigration know-how, saying in Iowa that the United States has more illegal immigrants coming from Pakistan than any other country besides those south of the U.S. border, even though government statistics prove otherwise.

Huckabee warned an Iowa crowd that 660 Pakistanis have come into the country illegally in the past year because of insecure borders. It was a new angle among the candidates reacting on the trail to the assassination Thursday of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.

He also said: "We have more Pakistani illegals coming across our border than all of the other nationalities except those immediately south of the border. ... In light of what's happening in Pakistan it ought to give us pause."

But his Pakistan statements don't jibe with the data.

Huckabee continued: "The fact is that the immigration issue is not so much about people coming to pick lettuce or make beds, it's about someone coming with a shoulder-fired missile."

Since the Huckster raised the isuue, we should note there are an estimated 100,000 Pakistanis in Canada. The number in Mexico? 250.

'Whatever it is I'm Againist it' questions, "Given the Huck's general understanding of the world, are you sure he isn't calling for a fence to be built along the the U.S.-Pakistan border?"

And then as if right on cue, Huckabee said:

People who questioned my view of foreign policy probably need go back and read the speech that I delivered back in Washington in September. ... What we've seen happen is that in the Musharraf government, he has told us that he really does not have enough control of those eastern borders near Afghanistan to be able go after the terrorists.

Of course he meant western borders...hardly reassurring... but a senior aide said that it will take a couple of days for Huckabee " to be briefed and up to speed" on Pakistan.

Update: Perhaps Rudy surrogate, John Deady, co-chair of New Hampshire Veterans for Guiliani, would like to brief Huckabee, "I don't subscribe to the principle that there are good Muslims and bad Muslims." he said. This was in reply to Deady's and others' controversial remarks in a very revealing Guardian video, 'True Guilani'. These guys, like many Republicans aren't too worried about finding Pakistan on a map. To complete the quote of the Rudy veteran, Deady, "They're all Muslims".

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