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Romney's Lying TV Ads

Romney's attack ads misrepresent facts.

Case in point, this attack piece on McCain regarding Immigration:

In one Romney television ad running in New Hampshire, the announcer calls rival Sen. John McCain "an honorable man" then goes on to ask "but is he the right Republican for the future?"

"McCain pushed to let every illegal immigrant stay here permanently..." the announcer charges. "Even voted to allow illegals to collect Social Security."

But the ad distorts the position of the Arizona Republican, who has narrowed Romney's lead in New Hampshire. McCain's compromise legislation introduced last summer, which was backed by President Bush, would have required illegal immigrants to return to their home countries and pay a fine for breaking the law before applying for legal status.

Case # 2, this attack piece against Huckabee. More lies:

In the anti-Huckabee commercial, the announcer calls Romney and Huckabee "two good men," then asks "but who is ready to make tough decisions?"

"Mike Huckabee? Soft on government spending.... His foreign policy? 'Ludicrous,' says Condoleezza Rice," the announcer continues.

Secretary of State Rice, however, did not call Huckabee's foreign policy "ludicrous." Rice was responding to Huckabee's criticism of the Bush administration for what he called an "arrogant bunker mentality" on world affairs in the January/February issue of Foreign Affairs magazine.

Can't let the facts get in the way of a good lie, eh Mitt?

Mitt the Flipper is a moving target on many key issues, and this lying clown throws lies at his opponents to distort their positions? What a desperate, maniacal approach to winning an election. Reminds me of Bush in 2000, and look how that turned out.

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Romney is such an evil joke. He had those racially slurred articles put in the Republican voters mailboxes in South Carolina and Thompsons camp has already traced it back to them. If he is a man of God I would hate to see a devil.


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