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The Resurrection of John McCain (Continued)


Even though it is a statistical dead-heat these are remarkable numbers from Rasmussen's daily presidential tracking poll:


Back in the days before George Bush turned me into a partisan Democrat, I used to be an independent-minded Republican and actually contributed to John McCain's 2000 presidential campaign. I watched with dismay as George Bush's attack dogs dragged McCain through the mud with a diabolical smear campaign. They even questioned whether he was mentally stable enough to become president after suffering years of detention in a North Vietnamese POW camp.

Well now, McCain is back and I am hopeful that he can seize the reins of the Republican Party and take it back from the Christian jihadists and neoconservative empire-builders who have destroyed the party and lost their "permanent" majorities in both houses of Congress. This doesn't mean that I would ever consider voting for McCain. I wouldn't under any circumstances support a Republican for the presidency in 2008, but it's at least a hopeful sign that the Republicans could become a responsible minority party for the next few decades.

McCain has been working hard to defuse questions about his age. One tact he has taken has been to put his 95-year old mother Roberta front-and-center. This gem caught my eye:

At the next campaign stop, her son revealed a family secret. "She doesn't like it when I mention that three Decembers ago she was apprehended in northern Arizona, driving across country, without telling me, at 112mph."

McCain is a smart old geezer and he is beating Mitt Romney like a drum:

While Romney has become increasingly negative against McCain and also in his do-or-die battle with Huckabee in Iowa, McCain is trying to look presidential and above the fray. He also picked up two more newspaper endorsements in New Hampshire from The Concord Monitor and The Telegraph of Nashua.

McCain is closing the gap on Romney in New Hampshire. I predict he's going to win that primary which will deal a death blow to Romney (good riddance!). McCain's running in fifth place in South Carolina however so he still has his work cut out for him.

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Lee Ward:

I suspect Romney won't just slither away if he loses in NH. He's invested almost $20 million of his own money into his campaign, and he wants this job. I don't think he'll give up until mid-February.


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