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Iowa Rejects Romney and Thompson

ROMNEY_THOMPSON.jpgMitt "the Flipper" Romney lied his way through Iowa for the better part of a year, while his counterpart Fred "if I only had a brain" Thompson lumbered around like a doped-up bear, expending little effort to really let Iowans get to know him and his positions.

Two-Buck Huck kicked both of their butts, garnering 34% of the vote to Romney's 25% and Thompson's pathetic 13%. John McCain walked away from the Iowa contest and yet he still matched Thompson's 13%, while Ron Paul rounded up 10% of the Iowa tally. Cross-dressing Rudy, who made no effort, pulled a stunning 4%.

While Romney will likely continue to pump money into his campaign, he's spent approximately $20 million of his own money so far, this dismal showing by Thompson is likely to make it much more difficult to raise cash -- and cash is king when you've got this many primaries in such a short period of time. It takes big money to criss-cross the country and mount simultaneous, concerted campaigns in that many states at once.

In the Ames Straw Poll last August, Romney won a resounding victory, garnering 34% of the tally with Two-Buck Huck coming following in second place with 18%. What a death spiral for Romney.

But many on the right say that Two-Buck Huck is a flash in the pan. His strength in Iowa is just a factor of desperate conservative voters rejecting Romney while the evangelical vote machine threw its weight behind Huck.

The neocon war machine made promise after promise to the evangelical right in courting their support for the Bush regime, yet failed to deliver the goods, and the evangelicals are now rising up and choosing one of their own, rejecting the centrist social agendas of Rudy Giuliani and John McCain in the process.

Rock on, Christianistas. See you ten months from now at the polls. You bring the Baptist preacher afraid to release the text of his past sermons, and we Democrats will field our best and brightest, and we'll let America decide.

Huckabee hasn't a prayer...

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Comments (2)

Lee Ward:

Rudy definitely tried, and only gave up when he started to nosedive. The cross-dresser was leading in Iowa a year ago.

Poll graph

Steve Crickmore:

The only major Republicans you two haven't slanged is John McCain...so I offer you this, McCain certainly has staying power. Yesterday in New Hampshire

Q: President Bush has talked about our staying in Iraq for 50 years -- " (cut off by McCain)

McCain: "Make it a hundred."


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