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Obama, Obama, Obama!

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Lee Ward:

O-Baby, Obama!

What a huge victory... for Obama, for Democrats, for America.

scorchednuts[TypeKey Profile Page]:

This is the man that America needs right now. I have nothing big against Hillary or Edwards, but I will do everything in my power to make sure Barack Obama wins this nomination. Which, I guess, is just a little primary vote in the reddest state in the union.

Steve Crickmore:

Obama has altered the landscape of American politics and compelled Hillary, still the favorite to win the nomination, to embrace the politics of change and to humanize her style slighty. Obama doesn't walk on water, but whatever happens we can be grateful he has moved the political spectrum. Scott Horton has an interesting post linked to Shelby Steele's comment that Obama "seems to have little talent for anger." via a George Will column on Obama.. Obama is going to need that quality, because from hereon until November, if he gets that far, his temper is going to be unbelievably tested.


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