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New Hampshire Debate Review - Republican and Democrat

Just some quick reactions to tonight's ABC WMUR Republican and Democratic debates in New Hampshire. I was able to watch both in their entirety.


First, the Republicans. What pompous asses. Huckabee showed a small degree of humility, as did McCain and Paul, but the rest of those morons looked just like George Bush at a press conference, looking down on Americans as just not smart enough to understand the complexities of the boogeymen these asses want us to believe are out to rape our daughters if we don't elect a Republican to the White House.

Personal preferences aside, Flipper Romney was under attack from all sides and of course, being no better then them, he stooped to the same level and whined several times about being attacked. I can't imagine any of these clowns holding their own against a foreign leader without bringing weapons with them into the room.

No wonder Republicans in general disdain diplomacy -- they haven't the intellectual firepower to sit at the table and match wits. I am disgusted by their blatant simple-mindedness.

As for the Democrats, I think Richardson did better than he has in the past, and Clinton scored worse than she has in the past, but how refreshing it was to see four candidates who were each individually head and shoulders above their Republican counterparts.

Seeing these debates side-by-side provided the closest preview yet as to what we'll see when it comes down to final race for the White House. The Democratic candidate will represent the will of the people, and the Republican candidate will waive their arms in the air and make noises -- just like George Bush -- all the while providing cover for the corporate, religious and ideological special interests that are pushing the buttons behind the scenes.

I have absolutely no doubt that Democrats will prevail this coming November, and that made the three hours of debate-watching all worthwhile. I'll try to hit some of the highlights in the coming days.

Onward to November, and the dawn of a new day in America.

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