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Film: No End in Sight (updated)

Bumped and Updated: This film won the Best Documentary honor from the National Society of Film Critics Saturday. Hopefully the film this reappear at theaters, giving folks who missed it the first time another chance to see the film. -Lee
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Film: No End in Sight
Published: Aug 10, 07 09:45 AM

The debacle in Iraq was predictable and preventable.

Written produced, and directed by Charles Ferguson (an expert on information technology, a visiting scholar at M.I.T. and UC-Berkeley as well as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Brookings Institution) the film does a powerful job is illustrating the horrible cost that's paid when we let conservatives run this country. We have to get these clowns out of office.

Bucking current conventional wisdom that considers the occupation doomed to fail from the get-go, No End in Sight contends that with better planning, the whole fiasco might have gone smoothly. Was a sectarian civil war truly inevitable? According to the film's bemused collection of talking heads--including Assassins' Gate author George Packer, Ambassador Barbara Bodine and former Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage--the "post-war" reconstruction of Iraq was bungled every step of the way by an arrogant, shortsighted network of professional incompetents. From the film's perspective, were it not for initially insufficient troop levels, unchecked looting in Baghdad, de-Ba'athification and the disbanding of the Iraqi military, we theoretically could have seen a stable Iraq in 2007.

Magnolia Films,the studio behind No End in Sight, has generously released the clip below which focuses in on the specific question "Why did they disband the Iraqi army?" The following quote from the Variety magazine film review of No End in Sight explains the importance of this particular point in the history of the Iraq War, and the power behind this point in the documentary (emphasis mine).

Even well-informed auds will find their jaws dropping, and a sharply edited exchange between Col. Paul Hughes, director of the occupation's strategic policy, and Washington-based senior adviser Walter Slocombe, exemplifies the disastrous effects of occupation czar L. Paul Bremer's decisions to eliminate all Ba'ath party members (mostly Sunni) from the government and to disband the Iraqi army. Near-consensus has formed that these moves helped create the mood of Sunni resentment and a giant pool of unemployed men required for the well-organized armed insurgency that began in 2004.

The film is getting awesome reviews. Help spread the word on this film. Send out an email to friends, talk about it with co-workers - help get this film and its powerful message in front of as many voters as possible.

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Comments (2)

Steve Crickmore:

This is a chicken and egg question-- If the occupation had been better planned etc, .. .I go back further and say 'the shock and awe' strategy was the precursor of how wantonly the Bush administration and Pentagon would perceive Iraq during the occupation. I was in Britain and Spain (two of our coalition allies) all during the invasion in March and April 2003, everyone was pretty shocked at the level of Iraqi civilian casualties, the numerous careless 'friendly fire' incidents and the killing of international journalists by our forces (in the line of fire) ..I think it just been a long continuum going back to the war's conception back to the spring of 2002.( the Downing Street memos -to fix the intelligence around the decision of Bush. "F--- Saddam," Bush said. "We're taking him out." March 2002.

The invasion and occupation were almost entirely fueled by revenge. Rembember what Kissinger said "Afghanistan wasn't enough"....'Revenge is a dish best served cold' or not at all. .


I'll definetly see the movie, HOWEVER:

Can you say: "Throw the Jews down the well"?

What I mean is, the neocons/ beady-eyed, aquisitive and arrogant NYC-TelAviv war-mongering melvins (who favor fedoras and wear figurative fringes on their sleeves and fancy themselves more Kosher than thou, and WAY smarter, too!) were/are definitely cheerleaders and political soldiers in this war and agents of Israeli Likudnik politicos; BUT:

they're only (willing) tools (see Shylock in The Merchant of Venice; pwnd!). The brainiacs of American imperialism are the same people who have "sponsored" this film.

I speak of the Anglosphere (certain demented White Anglo-Saxons with Tokens thrown in) and their adjunct, the Council on Foreign Relations (and several known affiliated groups, both up and down the food chain, royalism lives!) who specialize in monopolizing (just in case!) ALL sides of the political paradigm. (Hillary v. Ghouliani v. Edwards v. Romney v. Gore, say). And who get away with it because of their learnt tact and civility, (can you say "country club"?). Add in media omniscience = Invisibility; hiding in plain sight. Ike, Dulles Bros, JFK, Kissinger, Bush 41 & 43, Jimmah, GR Ford, all CFR. (Yes, W has outlived his "usefulness, heh-heh!)

The modus operandi is: capitilize on local grudges (Israeli-Muslim) to cover another agenda (US-UK-Dutch oil, etc.)

So: while these neocons DESERVE to be thrown down the well (metaphorically speaking, and DO spare their families!), don't lionize ANYONE from the Brookings Institution or the CFR.

PS: Neocons DO make a lovely light! Good post.


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