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Hillary Tears up as her Campaign Falters

Hillary had some tearful moments today as she answered a question while campaigning in New Hampshire. Click through to the Huffington Post to check it out.

For any other candidate, getting all misty-eyed over a simple question might spell the end of that candidate's campaign. Hillary might get a pass, but it's clear that the pressure of the campaign is getting to her. Her performance in Saturday's debate was erratic and the most recent polling data has to be depressing. The Rassmussen and Iowa electronic markets are now pointing to an Obama victory as well.

It's probably not going to get any better for Hillary in South Carolina either. Drudge is reporting some new polling data from Rasmussen about South Carolina.

RASMUSSEN South Carolina: Obama 42% Clinton 30%...

One aspect of the Obama surge that I think has been unrecognized is the "Clinton fatigue" of the American electorate. Many voters who believe that Bill Clinton was a great president may not be all that eager to relive the bitterness and acrimony that we all know will begin again in earnest the instant that Hillary is sworn in. We certainly can't expect right-wing attack dogs like Rush Limbaugh to give Obama a free pass, but at least we wouldn't have to start from the point that we left off at in 2000 when Bill Clinton made his exit.

Obama offers the choice of a fresh beginning without all of the baggage of the Clinton years. His ability to sway independents and a few Republicans is also something that everyone who is committed to putting a Democrat in the White House should take note of. In my opinion, all three of our top candidates (Obama, Clinton and Edwards) would make great presidents. We have an embarrassment in riches when it comes to presidential candidates on the Democratic side while the Republicans are struggling to find even one good candidate.

The question we face is to decide which one of our candidates will be more effective at leading the country as a whole once he or she takes office. I haven't made up my mind yet (and won't have to for another month), but I do hope that the candidates refrain from tearing each other down at the critical juncture in the campaign. Ultimately, we need to keep our eyes on the prize: the White House.

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Comments (5)

Steve Crickmore:

Bill, I don't think you are going to have to wait a month..I admit I made up ( I wouldn't say my mind) but my viscerals along time ago, when she was enraged that London and Paris easily outpointed New York for the Olympic Games for 2012..She was livid in Singapore and called it "a conspiracy"..No one in America picked up on this that I know, but she can be very brittle and angry when she feels she is losing. Having said all that if the stakes are lower, she would make a good majority leader or minority leader in the Senate perhaps. Hillary in a job interview for the presidency (this is what she called it) would get the nomination, but Americans want to be inspired and Hillary has plainly lost the plot, when she scorns inspirational speeches and what she refers to as 'false hopes'.

scorchednuts[TypeKey Profile Page]:

God forbid a human being should show a little emotion. Although I have been an Obama supporter for almost a year now, it pisses me off that the media and public would pounce on Hillary for getting a little misty when she's probably been up for the last 36 hours campaigning. By the way, contrary to the title of this post, Hillary's campaign is not lost on Iowa and New Hampshire, she still has significant leads in states that actually have people living in them (i.e. more delegates).

Steve Crickmore[TypeKey Profile Page]:

No, but as you would expect Hillary chokes up not about other people's misfortunes as most emotional empathetic people do...but her's..There is a big difference. I can hardly think straight when something happens to my defenceless young daughters (I half fainted at the hospital when my daughter broke her arm) but I couldn't care less about what happens to me..Obama's campaign, is about giving American people and the world hope and he won't cross boundaries to get there..Hillary's campaign is about getting her back into the White House, any way she can, which scares me.. I don't need to tell you this. This is one reason why you probably support Obama.

Lee Ward:

"No, but as you would expect Hillary chokes up not about other people's misfortunes as most emotional empathetic people do...but her's.."

She was asked a question regarding how she was holding up under all of the campaigning, Steve.

It's a little ignominious of you, my friend, to criticize her answer by conveniently ignoring the question.

Steve Crickmore:

Okay Lee..who knows what she was thinking at the time?..maybe the sympathetic question "How she has been holding up?just triggered a whole cascade of emotions.. Yes she's under enormous pressure but who isn't? and yes she gets little sympathy, but welcome to life.. it can be cruel and seem unjust! But it was more her lines "But some of us are right and some of us are wrong," she said in a quaking voice. "Some of us are ready and some of us are not."

That's pretty strong language and consistent when when she has been constantly slanging Obama(my favorite son I admit ) for being "naive and inexperienced". She is the "one tested" vetted ready to go from day one as she says over and over again. Perhaps if she had started going out and actually listening to the American people from day one in the campaign instead of refusing to take questions from the audience and press.. and not treating it as an coronation she might have been more experienced at these type of questions which can catch you off guard and been able to contain herself, and not let her emotions get the better of her. Interesting Obama from his day one insisted on running a different ethical campign referring as little as possibel to himself.

Yes he is someone else who knows how to go out and greet a crowd even in Jay Tea 's pretty forbidding looking cold-looking hometown.

Lee. believe me we have the right candidate now..Quit worrying about Hillary. She has had 8 years in the White House. She 'll do alright and learn to be little more democratic "small d". ..I disagree with talk being unimportant. Half of being a president is the bully pulpit and we have got a superb one and a liberal and a pretty honest politician and that's rare plus anyone who knows him doesn't have a unkind word to say about him.


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