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Irate Ron Paul Supporters Chase Sean Hannity

Irate Ron Paul supporters chased Republican Party shill (and Fox News host) Sean Hannity out of a restaurant in New Hampshire:

The decision by Fox News to exclude Ron Paul from Sunday's debate is incomprehensible and indefensible given the fact that Paul was the leading Republican fund-raiser in the last quarter. Paul placed fifth in Iowa, ahead of Rudy Giuliani who was invited to the debate and only a few percentage points between fourth-place John McCain. Paul also registers ahead of (Fat Head) Fred Thompson in most New Hampshire polls. One poll also has him ahead of Rudy Giuliani.

I encourage you to stick a sharp fork in the eyes of Fox News and go to Ron Paul's website to help him out.

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Comments (3)

Lee Ward:

Fox News is aggressively and deliberately attempting to influence the outcome of the GOP primary - and the right wing sheep just keep sucking it up.


Hell, even the execrable Frank Luntz managed a tete a tete avec le Paulistes**.

...and speaking of Luntz (AND FOX)(and "Chuck"):


** pidgen French glommed from Lelouch, Demy, and Doillon flicks.

Wouldn't the "Libertarian" view be that Fox is a private concern, and may invite who they please?

The debates are about getting information to the voters on an important decision: who to nominate for President. Too many of these farces have been conducted, on both sides, including marginal candidates with no chance of winning who only distract from the time and attention to those who have some outside shot, at least.

Were you as incensed at the ABC refusal to include Kucinich? Neither he nor Paul have the foggiest hope of winning their party's nomination. The debates aren't platforms to air all nutty ideas; they are supposed to be between the contenders. Both Kucinich and Paul have had ample debate exposure already - far more than they deserved, based on support.


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