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Obama says NO to O'Reilly and Fox News in New Hampshire

Here's another video clip that's got the Internet buzzing - Barack's refusal to grant interviews with Fox has been quietly ignored prior to this, but with Obama vaulting to the front of the Democratic pack the past asshattery at Fox News places them solidly behind the eight ball, and no doubt the prospect of Fox News being shut out of an Obama White House has the suits at Fox shivering.

The clip gives you the background behind the Obama Fox News rift so I'll let the video tell the story, and provide some additional links below:

Fox News eliminating Ron Paul from this weekend's debate - another example, and this recent post by Larkin shows that Americans are saying NO! to Fox News loudly and with force.


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Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

I'm in absolute agreement, but would go one step further and kick Fox News out of the White House pressroom.


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