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Obama Camp Plays Race Card Against Clinton

Cenk Uygur weighs in on Jesse Jackson Jr. playing the race card against Hillary Clinton.

The lack of integrity displayed in this attack is making Obama look a little desperate at this point, and as Uygur goes on to discuss, it's detrimental to Democrats in general.

They have got to reel this back in. It isn't going to help anybody. This negative campaigning definitely turns off voters, especially Democratic voters. It's one thing to attack someone's record (which I am actually in favor of), it's another to do these personal and identity based attacks. The candidates are only hurting themselves in the primaries and their opponent if he or she winds up in the general election.

One last thing, this particular strategy by Obama is short-sighted. Yes, it might help in South Carolina. But you could win that battle and lose the war because you turned off so many other voters by playing the race card in South Carolina. As a guy leaning toward Obama, I hope he reconsiders this terribly misguided strategy.

Exactly what I've been saying for a while now, but Obama's ambition has gotten in the way of the greater good of the party.

It'll all be over by February 5, I suspect. Between now and then, we'll see this escalate, I suspect.

And Hillary fired campaign official William Shaheen back in Decmber over Shaheen's remarks suggesting that the Republicans would make an issue of Obama's past cocaine use.

Will Barack fire Jesse Jackson, Jr?. Not a chance. Barack is too beholden to the power structure that is behind him pulling the strings.

Yeah... "Change" and "Hope." Right...

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Comments (4)

Paul Phillips:

I am glad that I am registered as an Independant. If you vote against Obama you are a racist and if you vote against Hillary you are a sexist. My head would explode trying to keep it real.

I think this was something of a gambit. Obama has been coming under increasing fire from the Clinton camp as his poll numbers recently rose. Much of the criticism is on point and may be effective. Having a campaign official float the idea is a tried-and-true method to see if it had "legs."

JJ, Jr. isn't so closely identified with the candidate as to do permanent damage if it didn't work (and it doesn't appear to have). Obama doesn't even have to fire him - at least not yet, not unless a backlash develops.

While injecting race into politics for gain isn't pretty, this would hardly be the first time it's happened. Had it worked, it would not only help with the black vote - Americans of all races disapprove of using racial politics. The Clintons might have had to rein in their critiques.

If it worked, of course. As it is, it only reveals the Obama campaign's understanding of its own vulnerability.

Steve Crickmore[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Bill Clinton used the the fairytale metaphor in his 92 election race to talk about politicians who make wild promises in order to get elected..Point against whoever on the Obama team thought this was racist...

This doesn't excuse the Obama team but the gender card certainly has been played by Clinton. HRC: "I think having the first woman elected president would be a huge change".

Hey if Obama said bluntly, "I think having the first African-American elected president would be a huge change", he would "barracked" by his opponents for injecting race unnecessarily into the campaign and rightly so.

Unfortunately, I agree this is all a bit overblown and significant items like Clinton's economic stimulous package get overlooked.


Obama should run on his record not on his race.


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