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Obama Targets Support of Single-Parent Moms

In a post a few days ago I laid out some advice to the Obama camp as to how they could chip away at Clinton's support in a very specific, targeted area.

People vote from their emotional center, not from their logical center. Obama needs to cool off the message and get the hothead Obamatrons in line, then start "Woo'ing to his right," slowly broadening the message to include more Americans into the fold.

Moving up the age-demographic in women, and just raising the level of discourse in the 30-40 year-old age range of female single-parents, for example, will pick up a point or two from Clinton. Subtract two from Hillary's count and add it to Obama's, and you've got a four-point advantage for Obama.

Simple, selected and focused targets in areas where the health of the economy is increasing in importance are key.

And let's not forget... giving single-parent Moms some much-needed hope for a better life, in itself, increases the happiness of her children. They do love to see Mom smile. I suggest its time for Barack to make single-parent Moms a "special interest" group and woo them over. I don't think Hillary is as strong as she might think within this particular demographic.

And today, in San Francisco, Obama was doing exactly what I'd suggested.

I just wanted my Obama-supporting friends to know....

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