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More Madness in our 51st State


Isn't it great that our troops are smack dab in the middle of this insanity:

Iraqi soldiers and police fought running battles with gunmen from a Shi'ite cult in two southern cities on Friday in which dozens of people were killed and nearly 100 wounded, officials said.

Police said the head of the so-called "Soldiers of Heaven" cult in Basra had been killed in the fighting, which is reminiscent of clashes between the obscure group and Iraqi and U.S. forces a year ago. Those battles near the holy Shi'ite city of Najaf left hundreds dead, mainly members of the cult.

The latest clashes are the biggest test yet for Iraq's army and police in the south since Britain finished handing back responsibility for security in the oil rich region last month.

I want all of you warmongers (John McCain--are you listening?) who never want to let our troops come home from Iraq explain to me how it is in our national security interest to be in the middle of this kind of madness? Try and do it with a straight face if you can.

These disturbing events come just after this story that describes how the number of bombs we dropped on Iraq rose spectacularly last year while the "surge" was working so magnificently:

BAGHDAD, Jan. 17 The United States and its partners dropped an average of four bombs a day on Iraq in 2007, up from four a week in 2006, The Washington Post reports.

The number of airstrikes by U.S. and other coalition forces more than quintupled. Officials say the targets included al-Qaida safe houses, bomb factories and weapons stockpiles.

A few years ago, I calculated that the tonnage of conventional weapons that we had dropped on Iraq since the beginning of the first Gulf War was the equivalent of eleven Hiroshima-size atomic bombs. Now, I'm sure that's gone up to 12 or 13. And that doesn't count all of the tank rounds, artillery, rockets and small arms fire.

Think about it: we keep bombing and bombing and bombing the damn place year after year and we still can't control it. And the Arab world hates us for it too. Imagine the ingratitude of these people after we have spent so much effort bombing the place back into the stone age in order to bring them democracy. You'd think they could show more appreciation for everything we've done.

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