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Nevada Democratic Caucus Results

Updated 7:18 PM Eastern Time. Hillary Clinton won the Nevada Democratic Caucus today. With 97% of the precincts results in at this time:

Hillary Clinton 51%
Barack Obama 45%
John Edwards 4%

Entrance Poll numbers as per CNN:

Male 41%
Female 59%

Age 18-29 13%
Age 30-44 19%
Age 45-59 32%
Age 60+ 36%

Most Important Issue:
Economy: Clinton 49% - Obama 40%
Iraq War: Clinton 43% - Obama 45%
Health Care: Clinton 51% - Obama 39%

Vote by Party ID:
Democrat: Clinton 51% - Obama 39%
Independent: Clinton 33% - Obama 47%

Update: 9:55 PM Eastern Time
via The Associated Press

Before the votes were tallied, Obama was critical of former President Clinton, telling reporters, "It's hard to say what his intentions are. But I will say that he seems to be making a habit of mischaracterizing what I say."

Obama's campaign manager, David Plouffe, issued a written statement accused the Clinton campaign of "an entire week's worth of false, divisive attacks designed to mislead caucus-goers and discredit the caucus itself."

Clinton declined to comment on the allegation.

Whatever the hard feelings, she told supporters they would fade by the fall general election campaign. "We will all be united in November," she said, as the crowd chanted "HRC, HRC."

Her campaign issued a statement citing numerous reports of voter intimidation. It also accused UNITE HERE, a union supporting Obama, of running a radio commercial that was "one of the most scurrilous smears in recent memory." The ad, broadcast in Spanish, said Clinton "does not respect our people" and called her shameless.

Interviews with Democratic caucus-goers indicated that Clinton fashioned her victory by winning about half the votes cast by whites, and two-thirds support from Hispanics, many members of a Culinary Workers Union that had endorsed Obama. He won about 80 percent of the black vote.

Obama had pinned his Nevada hopes on an outpouring of support from the 60,000-member union. But it appeared that turnout was lighter than expected at nine caucuses established along the Las Vegas Strip, and some attending held signs reading, "I support my union. I support Hillary."

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Comments (5)

Steve Crickmore:

Congratulations to Hilaria in her close victory over Como se llama?" ("What's his name?").

From what I read of many of the deliberations of the Latinos when they weren't being intimidated , (by both sides) they were motivated as they are in Latin America elections by what the candidates could do for them, not what might be best for the country?

Lee Ward:

Obama didn't win. He's a footnote.

and here are the National Delegate Totals (*assumes Larkin's delegate count is correct):

Clinton: 222 = 54%
Obama: 136 = 34%
Edwards: 52 = 12%

South Carolina carries 55 delegates but it isn't a "winner-take-all" state, and the delegates are assigned proportionally.

If I was a gambler I'd put $100 on Clinton to take the nomination.

And she could still decide to offer the Veep slot to Obama. Would he take it? Or would he just go to his room and pout for four years?

Steve Crickmore:

I prefer this ticket to anything Hillary is on..Still 'hoping' the country comes to its senses.


Well, 'comes to its senses' is a bit of a variable, depending on your political philosophy. Put Lieberman in, and I MIGHT vote for Obama. But Gore? You gotta be kidding.

civil behavior:

Looks like the pundits are massaging their corporate choice.

Bush Clinton Bush Clinton.......ain't it grand.

They think so.


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