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Fred Thompson to Stalk Huckabee in Florida

After Fred Thompson's disappointing showing in the South Carolina race today it is no longer politically incorrect to point and laugh at him when you see him in public.

Despite failing to meet the grade again, Fat-Head Fred will follow Huckabee into Florida just to make Huck's path that much more difficult.

According to CNN's fancy map of South Carolina, Fred Thompson is sapping votes away from Mike Huckabee in the socially conservative north. If that's the case, Thompson probably has a smile on his face.

Thompson's distaste for Huckabee has been apparent throughout the campaign. Thompson often pushes back against Huckabee at debates and regularly sends emails critiquing Huckabee's stances on immigration and taxes. Persona-wise, Huckabee is everything Thompson isn't--charming, funny, and self-effacing. Most importantly, Huckabee possesses the start power that many Republicans hoped Thompson would have in the race. Huck is bizarro Fred.

Fred isn't in the race to win any more... he's in the race to try to stop Mike Huckabee.

Why, you ask?

Most importantly, Huckabee has stolen Thompson's base right out from under him. Thompson's from neighboring Tennessee, after all, so he was the guy supposed to be doing well in conservative South Carolina. Thompson was supposed to be the guy who grabbed the evangelical vote. Thompson was the guy people were supposed to coalesce around. Instead, the story became about Thompson's lassitude and Huckabee's quips.

Given all of this, it's not unreasonable to think that Thompson would stay in the race through Florida just to torment Huckabee. Despite a litany of shortcomings, Thompson still pulled in 15 percent in South Carolina tonight (with 72 percent precincts reporting), so he holds some sway. One would think he'd sap some of Huckabee's strength in Florida, as well. It may be Thompson's only chance to stay relevant.

In his speech tonight, Fred Thompson said his presidential campaign was never about him. He's right. Maybe it was always about Huck.

What a stunning role for the stumbling and muddleheaded actor who has Paul Hooson wondering out loud last week "Can Fred Thompson Ask For His Old Job Back At LAW & ORDER?"

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Comments (5)


I truly hope you're right!

The Huckster was supposed to be this religious conservative...what happened with that??

We can be very sure the liberals will expose his record and past...shouldn't we find out what it is first??

Candidate Research - Know Who You're Voting For ( The Easy Way ) http://tinyurl.com/2sowta

National Guard LT:

I am not one of "you" because frankly I am not a liberal Democrat, I have never been one.

Having said just that, I want the Republican Party to be soundly defeated in the fall. They must pay a heavy price for what they did to the military.

Seven years now, and stop loss a temporary measure is still being used. They started a "long year" and did nothing to get us more soldiers.

As an observer, reading your posts makes me very edgy.

In no way must John McCain be allowed near the White House. He will finish the hatchet job on the military that Bush started.

This Republican is completely ready and eager to vote for Hillary or Obama, anybody with a D after their name. It is really that bad for us in uniform.

Lee Ward:

Wing - Hunting down Huck will only increase the likelihood of a McCain nomination. Is that what true conservatives want?

LT - I woke up this morning thinking that maybe Democrats winning veto-busting control of the house and senate is 'job one', and winning the White House is important, but secondary.

That way even if the Republicans manage to steal the presidential election, we'll have a Congress with the huevos rancheros they need to stop any president.


National Guard LT -

You may get what you want - and find the entire country pays much more than the price you demand, Republican and Democrat alike. Because you ain't getting just one thing - you're getting the whole package, like it or not. Better check the ingredients and make sure they're all to your liking.

Boehner, Major:


Please familiarize yourself with article 88 of the UCMJ.


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