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Dem. Candidates on Nuclear Energy

July, 2007 YouTube Debate:

Note that Edwards and Clinton explain exactly what they'd do -- Obama explains not what he'd do, but how he'd do it.

I'm watching the CNN debate as I write this and Obama is doing the same thing in his answer to a question about his health plan. He doesn't say what his solution is, he explains how he'd go about resolving it and then attacks his opponents with cheap shots.

Obama is a rudder-less deal maker who's leading corporate backers include Exelon, a nuclear industry giant.

By the way... Obama is being creamed by Edwards and Clinton in the debate. Amazing...

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Comments (3)

Lee Ward:

You're absolutely correct, Larkin. Obama is the least progressive of the three Democratic frontrunners.

Steve Crickmore:

If Hillary is the voice of progressives...there will be alot of 'born again' agnostics to the cause...There is no getting round her favorite word in the English language is 'I', except when she said she "wants to get money out of American politics"..and is "committed to having people honest and trustworthy in the White House" Maybe she can put Bill in charge of the selection committeee.

Marx: "History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce".



Obama is the least progressive of the three Democratic frontrunners.

That's not a bug, it's a feature - at least for a lot of people.

You aren't going to get support from the uncomitted middle by touting how 'progressive' you are - there's a certain aroma about 'progressive' any more that is hard to get past for anyone who doesn't self-label as 'progressive. The 'progressives' in the energy movement have changed from advocating alternative energy to 'NIMBY' activism when it comes to windfarms and the like, 'progressing' to 'BANANA' activism when the NIMBY compaints are satisified. ("Not In My Back Yard" and "Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything")

As a contrast, France has had nuclear power for decades, getting over 75% of their electrical needs from it.


How do they do it? Is it safer or less safe than the way we do it? If Obama's for nuclear power, that's a decided point in his favor as far as I'm concerned.

Conservation has a place, but there has to be an electricity supply from somewhere. I'd prefer it not emit greenhouse gasses.


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