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Let Al Gore Decide the Democratic Presidential Nominee

al-gore.jpgI "get it" that Al Gore doesn't want to be President. Since the last seven years have shown us the extent to which an aggressive Vice-President can mold and influence policy and direction, let's draft Gore into the VP slot instead. The 22nd amendment applies a two-term limit to the office of President only.

Let's draft Al Gore for Vice-President and let him choose Hillary or Barack as his running mate, selecting whoever he feels is best qualified to lead, and then see what happens to that ticket in the remaining primaries. Gore would determine the Democratic nominee in the process.

Writer Dave Eggers ("A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius" ) suggested back in 2005 that Gore would have won in 2000 if this documentary directed by Spike Jonze had played at the 2000 Democratic National Convention as planned.

Watch the documentary. It succeeds in setting Gore as a man apart from Bill Clinton, and if aired back in 2000 it would have put Gore solidly on the path to the Oval Office by successfully revealing his human and compassionate side.

Gore was viewed by the public as nerdy and stiff. The documentary shows a human side that the public never saw -- it would have made enough of a difference to have put him a few points ahead in the final tally.

So let's draft Al for Vice-President and with his choosing of a presidential candidate -- whoever he feels is best qualified to lead -- he will be the kingmaker to settle the increasingly acrimonious battle between Clinton and Obama.

It's simple enough to be a really great solution. Many people suggest that there is strong animosity between Hillary and Al, so there should be no assumption that Gore would choose Clinton -- quite the opposite is more true, I suspect.

But if Gore believes in Obama and expressed that trust with an endorsement -- or better, an agreement to be Barack's VP -- the combination would be unbeatable. It puts 8 years of Vice-Presidential experience at the right hand of Barack Obama. That's a strong ticket.

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Comments (3)

Steve Crickmore[TypeKey Profile Page]:

I'm with you on this 100% Lee. I think Bill has really gone over the top in his pleadings for Hillary, which mainly consists of tearing down 'the kid' Obama. I assume that Al and don't forget his wife Tipper,(who suffers from mental depression) wouldn't relish the public supporting role of defending such accomplished trimmers as the Clintons. The Gores have been there. In an Obama White House they know they would be given more independence without the stress of the Clinton experience.


What an interesting idea of trashing the Constitution and doing away with the election process all together. We don't need those pesky citizens to pick a President. All we need is Al Gore.

Why even stop at this election? Why not just draft Al Gore as VP for life? That way he can pick every President from now on. Ban all political parties but the Democrat party and make it easier.

Why stop at VP? Change the Constitution! Surely, the world can use his wisdom for all things and forever. A man with the singular vision such as Al Gore should be the world's leader even if the the rest of the world doesn't know it yet.

Augustus Gore, Emperor of the Earth!

Lee Ward:

Steve -- is Bill making Barack cry gain? Bad Bill, bad!

Eric - you forgot this:

Let's draft Al Gore for Vice-President and let him choose Hillary or Barack as his running mate, selecting whoever he feels is best qualified to lead, and then see what happens to that ticket in the remaining primaries.

I'm suggesting that the ticket created by Gore choosing a Presidential running mate is the ticket that would go on to win enough primaries and eventually the nomination. No constitutional fluffing required.


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