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Hillary Clinton's Carefully Airbrushed Record

Fellow wizbangblue blogger, Lee Ward has been making a strong case, debunking Obama, portraying him warts and all...Maybe, he is partly right, Obama seems to be going 'from hope to hope', but let's look at the so-called experienced alternative...

Hillary's Experience Lie, "If that's her selling point, put me down for Obama"...Timothy Noah on her 35 years experience, "Thirty-five years takes you back to 1973, half of which Hillary spent in law school, for crying out loud", from which the sometimes brilliant Hillary failed her D.C bar exams, which was a reason she married Bill and decided to go to Arkansas, afterall. Bill Clinton is now barred from practising law in the US.

Compare this to Obama's legal experience which includes ten years as a Constitutional Law Lecturer at the University of Chicago where he received glowing reviews from real students, unlike Hillary's well-known students who were plants at campaign rallies. Who would you rather have as a presidential leader? And then there is Bill Clinton and his treatment of that one intern, even while under inverstigation for sexual abuse. For some of his young women conquests, Hillary was the enabler and covered up for Bill Clinton's sexual trysts, some of which didn't seem entirely mutual.

The unapologetic Bill says he did it because he could "get away with it", and if he had to do it all over again if caught, he would lie again (not in the biblical sense, but one never knows). Compare this failure to accept personal responsibility for his (their) actions, to anyone who has had contact with Obama.

Hillary has some good points: her dedicated work for children and women, in general, and when she was part of a different generation, her early anti-war work on behalf of those resisting the Vietnam war and the Nixon -Hoover excesses.

I personally was tear-gassed along with Hillary Rodham, May day weekend, 1970, following the 'the New Haven 9' rally on the New Haven Common... It wasn't pleasant. Four thousand National Guardsmen were brought in. We all retreated, (very quickly) back to the Yale campus. She was the co-chair law student leader.

We both attended inspiring Constitutional Law classes in the manner of Barack Obama, by long-haired Charlie or Charles Reich 'the Greening of America' who instilled in his students the belief that "the most important thing in America was the American Constitution and the Bill of Rights". It hard to believe that this is the same Hillary who camped out in the Yale law school.

She tries to downplay that part of her life as a student radical because it doesn't fit the image she has carefully tried to stage manage. And politics in America is so much about image, since you can sell the public almost anything in a presidential campaign and package it as experience, even your mistakes, since rarely does the press well... press..

38 years earlier when Hillary was monitoring the Black Panther trials in New Haven, there was no doubt which candidate Hillary Rodham would have been supporting -the candidate of openness who wants change, or the candidate of the establishment who wants a centrist coalition to continue the saga of the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton? years covered up.

Note: Wizbang Blue is now closed and our authors have moved on. Paul Hooson can now be found at Wizbang Pop!. Please come see him there!

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