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It's About the Delegates

Update: Based on Lee's comments, I've added an asterisk below.

Conventional media analysis has it that that John Edwards came in second in Iowa, and that Hillary Clinton won big victories in New Hampshire and Nevada, but they seem to have forgotten that this contest is about winning delegates, not votes.


Obama 13
Clinton 12


Obama 16
Clinton 15
Edwards 14

New Hampshire:

Obama 9
Clinton 9
Edwards 4

In reality, Obama won Nevada, New Hampshire was a tie and Edwards came in third in Iowa. Taken from this perspective the campaign looks quite a bit different than the media is now portraying it. The first three contests have, in fact, decided nothing. All they have shown is that Democratic Party voters are split almost straight down the middle on the two front-runners.

Altogether, Obama is leading the race when it comes to delegates chosen by actual voters (excluding super-delegates)*:

Obama 38
Clinton 36
Edwards 18

* - this means excluding super-delegates.

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Comments (4)

Steve Crickmore:

For those interested, here is the official 2008 Democratic Convention Watch list from the Dem Nat Convention Committee, including the names committed in the super delegate list (the majority being for Hillary so far)..Michigan and Florida have been stripped of their delegates.

Lee Ward:

You're going to have to practice up on your use of footnotes and asterisks, Larkin, if you're going to continue to spin for Obama.

Here's the real delegate count at the moment, as per CNN.

Clinton 210
Obama 123
Edwards 52
Kucinich 1

Lee Ward:

I see - so it's not "about the delegates" it's "about the delegates I want to count and not the ones that don't support my position that Obama is leading"? lol

Or is it about the delegates after all?

If so, Clinton has a commanding lead.

Lee Ward:

Unfortunately for Obama all of the delegates count towards the nomination. Practice the footnotes and asterisks though, you've got the right idea.


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