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Obama Wins South Carolina Primary

The Associated Press declared Barack Obama the winner of the South Carolina Democratic Party Primary Saturday night just minutes after the primary polling locations closed at 7:00 PM. They are calling the race a win for Obama based on their exit polls.

Update I: Here's a snapshot of CNN's exit poll showing the distribution by race. It shows that 53% of the polled electorate was black, and of those black voters 80% voted for Obama.


Update II: Results with 99% of the precincts reporting:

Obama - 55% = 25 delegates*
Clinton - 27% = 12 delegates*
Edwards - 18% = 8 delegates*
*The state has an additional 9 superdelegates.

Barack Obama routed Hillary Rodham Clinton in the racially-charged South Carolina primary Saturday night, regaining campaign momentum in the prelude to a Feb. 5 coast-to-coast competition for more than 1,600 Democratic National Convention delegates.

Former Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina was running third, a sharp setback in the state where he was born and scored a primary victory in his first presidential campaign four years ago.

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Comments (3)

What's Going On Here?:

Really, does anyone care about the racial make up of the voters?

The media are really showing their true colors trying to spin this as a "racially charged" win for Obama.

They are helping the Clinton's define Barrack as "the black candidate" - and as a white conservative in Georgia...it really pisses me off.

I don't agree with any of his positions, but since I don't like any of the candidates on my side...he'll get my vote on the 5th.

Go Barry!

This is the biggest primary or caucus victory for a Democrat so far this campaign season. The efforts of the Clintons and the corporate media to smear black voters as a means of distraction is reprehensible.

Clinton has burned so many bridges to decent, honest people with her campaign tactics.

Steve Crickmore[TypeKey Profile Page]:

It looks that way, libhomo, according to the exit polls the double team Clintons, instead of doubly their positives, doubled their negatives in South Carolina...and maybe across the country.


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