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Kennedys to Endorse Obama

ted_kennedy.jpgThe Associated Press is reporting:

Democratic Sen. Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts will endorse Senate colleague Barack Obama for president, party officials confirmed Sunday.

The endorsement will be announced Monday in Washington, said the officials, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak officially.

In a television interview Sunday, Obama would not answer questions about an endorsement from Kennedy.

"I'll let Ted Kennedy speak for himself. And nobody does it better," he said on ABC's "This Week." "But obviously, any of the Democratic candidates would love to have Ted Kennedy's support. And we have certainly actively sought it. And you know, I will let him make his announcement and his decision when he decides it's appropriate."

The New York Times has more:

The Kennedy endorsement has been underway for days, even before the outcome of the South Carolina primary. Mr. Kennedy told his decision to Mr. Obama on Thursday.

"I've had ongoing conversations with Ted since I've got into this race," Mr. Obama told reporters today as he flew to Alabama.

Of all the endorsements in the Democratic Party, Mr. Kennedy's is viewed as the most weighty. He had vowed to stay out of the presidential nominating fight, but as the contest expands into a state-by-state fight - and given the tone of the race in the last week - associates said he was moved to announce his support for Mr. Obama.

The endorsement will be announced at a rally at American University on Monday, hours before the State of the Union Address at the Capitol.

caroline_kennedy.jpgThis on top of last night's announcement by Caroline Kennedy, daughter of President John Kennedy, that she is endorsing Senator Obama's bid for the Presidency.

Calling Barack Obama a man who could be "a president like my father," Caroline Kennedy endorsed the Democratic candidate in a very personal opinion piece published in today's New York Times.

"I have never had a president who inspired me the way people tell me that my father inspired them. But for the first time, I believe I have found the man who could be that president - not just for me, but for a new generation of Americans," Kennedy writes.

"Sometimes it takes a while to recognize that someone has a special ability to get us to believe in ourselves, to tie that belief to our highest ideals and imagine that together we can do great things.

"In those rare moments, when such a person comes along, we need to put aside our plans and reach for what we know is possible," she adds.

Other candidates may be experienced or knowledgeable, but this year the country needs a change, Kennedy says - just like it did in 1960 when her father was elected.

Calling her endorsement "patriotic, political and personal," Kennedy applauded Obama for having "built a movement that is changing the face of politics in this country."

The Kennedy name is one of the Democratic party's iconic monnikers, and these two endorsements, timed to coincide with Obama's South Carolina victory, will give Obama another boost.

Update: Here's a link to the New York Times Op-Ed endorsement for Obama written by Caroline Kennedy.

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Comments (8)


Ted Kennedy's endorsement?? That's another strike against Obama...


The Caroline endorsement is a biggie.
The dignified and evidently unspoiled daughter of JFK working the salons, the campuses and doing media appearances here and there to starstruck audiences on behalf of Obama.
And speaking of media: I think we may have found a clue to Oprah's risky endorsement of Obama in Caroline's announcement.
To wit: Oprah is richer than all get-out. Probably wealthier than the Kennedy-Schiffs,
BUT! Oprah is also unabashedly a "climber" still, and admits susceptibility to "stars".
Caroline Kennedy is the thinking person's "star" if "star" is in your vocabulary.
And it most certainly is with Oprah.
So I think Oprah has happily joined Caroline's salon.

Or maybe not. But when endorsement are a dime a dozen, this one is a silver dollar. Its reach is from educated noobs to 70 year-olds (70 year-old pensioners being Hillary's base.)

The reason I mention it is because I, who hate almost everyone, cannot think of one darn thing to diss Caroline for. And I have a mind like glue. So Martyred President's Sainted Daughter's endorsement is the meme that will stick. Heady stuff. Another rough night for Hillary's staff.

As for Teddy: Democratically-speaking, legislatively: he's no slouch but the real deal.
Add another two bits to Obama's purse.
No cross-over appeal but that's what Caroline's for.

Steve Crickmore:

"Youth, idealism, style are powerful political weapons"...I really think Hillary has lost her idealism..It's been ground out of her. But I share this concern of William Rees-Mogg.'Is Barack Obama the next JFK'.

I find myself worried by the figures with whom Mr Obama is compared. Martin Luther King obviously, John F. Kennedy, but also Abraham Lincoln and even Mahatma Gandhi. All four were charismatic figures who claimed to lead their nations in a new and idealistic way. What they also had in common is that they were assassinated. Such men attract the hatred of those who fear and resent their influence. When General Colin Powell was offered the Republican nomination in 1996, his wife persuaded him to reject it, on the grounds that he would be exposed to the assassination threat. Mrs Powell may have been right. The role of the first black president of the United States will be a dangerous one.

Lee Ward:

Ugh, scary thought there... If Obama secures the nomination his VP candidate might have greater weight in the general election as a result, eh?

Steve Crickmore:

Good point. I hadn't thought of that...If Obama wins, he may well want to choose a Al Gore or a John Edwards and not a 'conservative' Democrat to complement the ticket. If JFK had not chosen LBJ as his veep nominee or more accurately been compelled to choose him by the village elders of the day, things might have turned out differently?

Lee Ward:

You're right. There's more proof -- like Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew, and let's not forget George HW Bush and Dan Quayle.

Steve Crickmore:

Here are some of the video highlights of Ted Kennedy's endorsement and Obamas's speech at the American University today.

Lee Ward:

I've also posted the video here in a separate post.


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