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San Francisco Chronicle Endorses Barack Obama

Certainly not as notable as Obama's Ted Kennedy and Caroline Kennedy endorsements, the San Francisco Chronicle published their endorsement of Obama's candidacy last Sunday, and also made available a 52 minute video recording made on January 16, 2008 wherein the newspaper's editorial board interviewed Barack.

As the "paper of record" for the San Francisco Bay Area, arguably one of the most liberal regions in the country, the reasons behind their endorsement provides some insight into the left coast thinking about Obama. Although he's trailing in the California polls statewide, he's leading in the Bay Area and along the coast, and is expected to do well in those areas. He'll pick up some delegates as California's primary is not "winner take all".

The American political system needs a period of reprieve and renewal.

It needs a reprieve from a White House that draws power from fear, sneers at any science that gets in the way of corporate or theocratic missions and stubbornly adheres to policies that leave the nation sinking in debt and mired in war. It craves a reprieve from the politics of bloodsport that prize clever calculation over courage, winning over principle, party label over national interest.

The renewal must come from a president who can lead by inspiration, who can set partisanship aside to define and achieve common goals, who can persuade a new generation of Americans that there is something noble and something important about public service.

There is no doubt about the Democrat with the vision and skills to bring that period of reprieve and renewal. It is Sen. Barack Obama.

As is often the case in a heavily contested primary, the relatively modest policy differences among the candidates have become magnified and inflamed beyond all due perspective. For example, Obama, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Sen. John Edwards have pledged to expand health coverage, albeit with somewhat different approaches. Obama's is certainly the most cautious, though perhaps the most realistic, considering that any overhaul of the health care system would require buy-in from at least some Republicans and myriad business interests that would be affected by such landmark federal regulation.

All three have vowed to phase out the U.S. military presence in Iraq. Obama, however, stands alone in his opposition to the invasion at the outset. Clinton and Edwards each voted to give President Bush the authorization to use military force against Saddam Hussein. Edwards acknowledges his mistake, Clinton parses the meaning of the resolution. It was Obama's instincts that proved sound.

Clinton, who arrived in the U.S. Senate four years before Obama, has tried to make experience the issue. As senator, she has proved skillful at representing diverse New York interests and working with Republicans. But if she wants to highlight her White House experience as a defining difference, then it's only fair to point out that two of the projects she was most deeply involved with produced a debacle (health care) and scandals (fund raising). Especially in recent days, her campaign has shown the sharp elbows that evoke the ugly underside of the Clinton years, and the (Karl Rove inspired) Bush years that succeeded them: the reflex to scorch the Earth, to do what is necessary to vanquish political adversaries ... all is justified if you are left standing at the end.

America deserves better than these cycles of vengeance and retribution. Its possibilities are too great, its challenges too daunting, for partisan pettiness.

The full text of the endorsement is here.

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Comments (3)

Steve Crickmore:

The editorial makes some good points..Of course, most of those who bother to read editorials are probably leaning to Obama anyway, and isn't 'The Chronicle' fairly left leaning,(and I don't mean that critically) but it gives Obama's supporters reassurance and credibility.

Lee, I was surprised to read this story today in Huffington by a off-the-bus reporter who is covering the Obama campaign in California:

On Sunday, the San Francisco Chronicle endorsed Obama and thereby brought to twenty the senator's endorsements from California newspapers (to date, Clinton and Edwards have one endorsement each).

Just one editorial endorsement for Clinton so far, that can't be right, can it? and who will the LA Tmes endorse?

George Vreeland Hill:

The Democrats have a lot more to offer the people of this country than do the Republicans.
In fact, the Republicans have nothing to offer.
That is because they spent so much money, and made a mess of things.
Obama must be true to his word about changing things for the better.
I don't think he can do it.
I feel that Hillary is a better choice, and when you look back a few years, we were better off with the Clintons than we are under Bush.
Hillary learned a lot from those years, and I want my life and freedom back!

George Vreeland Hill

Steve Crickmore[TypeKey Profile Page]:

George Vreeland Hill. There will be those who say she certainly did. That's why we are seeing the sort of campaign she and her husband are running.


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