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Today is Rudy Giuliani's Last Day in Politics

Rudy had to be the most entertaining candidate to write about this election season. He was the "Hillary Killer" 6-7 months ago, and now he's just a Putz. My, my... how forgettable "America's Mayor" has become.

Once he is whipped like a dog in today's Florida primary Cutie-Rudy will be toast. Good riddance. But before he fades into obscurity here's just a few of Rudy's most Memorable Moments...

In the May, 2007 Republican Debate Ron Paul spoke the truth and Rudy Giuliani tried his best to deny it -- trying to the keep the foggy illusion of moral righteousness alive for the U.S. Conservative movement in America.

Ron Paul explains why we were attacked on 9/11 and Rudy is too damned stupid to understand what Paul is saying -- and the best Rudy can muster is "take it back"? Watch Rudy's left thumb at 2:45 - twitching away. I bet he soiled his BVDs he was so damn mad! Take it Back! Take it Back!

Rudy's hope was that throughout the course of his campaign if he could just blow enough smoke up the ass of enough right wing voters they'd welcome "America's Janitor" into the Washington D.C. Circle of Power.

Keep sweeping, Rudy, and thanks for the chuckles.

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My fellow Americans, the economy, Iraq and our image abroad are the overwhelming challenges confronting us in the 21st century. Our Nation is better off choosing a candidate capable of ending the United States military presence in Iraq rather than finding a pure anti-war standard possessor (Sen Obama). The most important thing is who can do it. Hillary Clinton will. I totally agree with Clinton, as a result of these failures, the next president will inherit some of the greatest foreign policy challenges in our history. We desperately need a strategic expert on the economy, war and foreign policy. We DESPERATELY need Hillary Clinton to reconnect America to the world. ONLY Clinton offers authority on the complicated situation on our economy, international standing and Iraq and presents the most winning exhaustive strategic plan. She is exceedingly ready and prepared to lead America from day one in the Whitehouse. God bless Hillary Clinton, our next President, for a strong and globally respected America.

FELLOW AMERICANS, LET US DETERMINE NOT TO BE DISTRACTED BY SENATORS KERRY AND KENNEDY'S ENODRSEMENTS. I beg to draw the attention of my fellow Americans, to the endorsement of New York - Abyssinian Baptist Church Pastor Reverend Dr. Calvin O. Butts, III, who like many Americans without specific number have after a rational thought endorsed Hillary Clinton for President, issuing the following statement:

"Over the course of the past year, I have given careful consideration to the varied perspectives and agendas of the 2008 Presidential Candidates. I have observed, evaluated, and compared each of their strengths in the context of the current state of our nation and what will be required in the next 4 years to help us repair, restore and rebuild.

I, too, join countless Americans in a collective desire for change, and I do so with a vital recognition that change and experience are not mutually exclusive. The rhetoric of change in which we are presently engaged must also be accompanied by the experience and ability necessary to successfully and resourcefully accomplish it. Experience is not synonymous with status quo nor should it be vilified for the sake of campaign soundbites. With experience, comes the value of lessons learned. With experience, comes proficiency and understanding. With the right experience, comes change.

Thus, I have not based my decision on the idea that I must embrace one over the other. I have instead based my decision on the candidate whom I believe will effectively use both - change and experience - to lead our nation to a place of domestic and international prosperity.

After thoughtful deliberation, I am decidedly confident that Senator Hillary Clinton is the candidate best suited to be the Democratic Presidential Nominee and the next President of the United States. I have personally had a positive working relationship with Senator Clinton for a number of years. In her current position as United States Senator from New York, she has also been very supportive of Abyssinian Baptist Church's development work in Harlem. Thus, I have seen first-hand the wisdom, insight and concern she brings in her approach to community development, educational and developmental opportunities for youth, and economic revitalization, as well as tirelessly advocating for families, promoting health care reform, and fighting the global HIV/AIDS crisis.

I believe that we can benefit greatly from the value of Senator Clinton's 30-plus years of service to our country that have uniquely positioned her to be a formidable leader on issues including homeland and national security, human rights, and restoration of our national image before an international audience. Her willingness to examine the issues and listen to the questions and concerns of everyday Americans is encouraging. Her proven ability to effectively work across both party and geographic boundaries towards solutions to our country's problems and needs substantially distinguishes her from other candidates.

I go on record as endorsing Senator Clinton for the 2008 Presidential Election. As a nation, we cannot afford four more years of uninspired and uninspiring leadership. In our quest for change, it's time that we returned to the fundamentals - experience, ability, respect, character. It's time for Senator Hillary Clinton."

I Reverend Felton McBride of Los Angeles California, a republican feel compelled to add ' As a mother, advocate, Senator and former First Lady, Hillary has continually shown us she is passionate about improving family issues, keep America strong, safe and globally respected, healthcare, equal pay and the challenges that people all America face on a daily basis" IT IS INDEED TIME FOR HILLARY CLINTON, AND NOT SEN. OBAMA, TO BECOME PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. GOD BLESS HILLARY CLINTON,for a prosperous national and international America. Yes, with Hillary Clinton, we can lead the world, AGAIN. God Bless America. Rev Felton McBride, Los Angeles CA


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