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Manufacturers Find New Ways To Market Unsafe Sleepwear For Children

Product liability lawyers and the federal government have helped to establish strict safety standards for children's sleepwear that is fire resistant, however many large retailers are finding new ways to market cheaply made imported potentially unsafe children's sleepwear and circumvent federal fire safety regulations.

More and more retailers are marketing items that appear for all intents and purposes to be pajamas or robes, but marketing them as "cover-ups" or "lounge wear" or other confusing terms and only including small warning labels claiming that the item is "not to be used as sleepwear" on the products. Many of these items have proven to be highly flammable in fire tests conducted by GOOD HOUSEKEEPING and other consumer and product testing organizations.

Every year many children were being killed or badly burned because of fires involving dangerous highly flammable sleepwear until product liability lawyers, consumer groups and parents helped to pressure the federal government to act by imposing fire safety standards for children's sleepwear, but with the lure of big profits, many large retailers have recently found new legal loopholes in the federal fire safety regulations that allow them to market what is essentially dangerous sleepwear by using other terms to describe the items than pajamas or robes.

Some retailers even go as far picturing children in bedroom settings to help market the unsafe items on their websites, deliberately creating consumer confusion with their potentially unsafe products that fail to meet fire safety regulations established for the safer sleepwear.

Once again, the lure of profits by some large retailers has put the public in danger. And corporate lawyers connected with large retailers or imported clothing manufacturing interests have examined American fire safety regulations and found new ways around the regulations to market potentially dangerous products.

It seems that for every good consumer regulation some profit hungry corporation will find new legal loopholes to drive a truck through and endanger the welfare of the American consumer when given half a chance to market cheaply made high profit goods. It all becomes a "cat and mouse" game of establishing new regulations to protect the public interest, and corporate lawyers seeking ways around the regulations, leaving product liability lawyers and consumer groups as the last line of defense for the public good until the federal government acts with a congress where lobbyists for corporations now outnumber members of congress by a 60 to 1 margin.

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