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A Good Sunday for Obama

Zogby International's tracking poll for Sunday shows Obama building on his strong advancement in the last few days leading into Tuesday's primaries.

calif_20080203.JPGObama's lead in California has widened slightly, and he now has a four point lead over Clinton among white male voters. Obama is carrying the California black vote by 3-1, and Hispanic voters are choosing Clinton by a 55% to 36% margin.

mo_20080203.JPGObama leapt ahead of Clinton in Missouri on Sunday, picking up four points while Clinton dropped two. Obama holds a 4-1 advantage among black voters, and Clinton's lead among white voters has dropped to a 48% to 40% margin.

nj_20080203.JPGObama pulled up to a dead-even tie in New Jersey and is showing continued support among independents, who favor him 48% to 34%.. Clinton holds a strong lead among women voters; mirrored by Obama's support among men.

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I know that these new polls certainly display some possible building momentum for Obama, but at the same time it has seemed that support for African-American candidates is often overstated in polls, where many Whites claim they will support an African-American candidate, but then often fail to on election day. Unless Obama has a really strong clear lead of over 10 points in some states, then my best guess is that he may well fall short in a number of close poll states. But we'll see what really happens by this time tomorrow night.

Lee Ward:

Momentum is definitely moving towards Obama. Yes, the Bradley effect may kick in, and working against Obama also is the fact that many people vote by absentee ballot, and may have voted a week or two ago, before Obama's 'surge'.

I think it'll be close.


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