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Obama's Fear of Gay Marriage

Further evidence of the degree to which Obama lacks the "Progressive Gene" is this account dating back to the 2004 elections, when Barack was desperately trying to distance himself from the gay marriage issue.

Seeing Mayor Gavin Newsom on the national stage with former president Bill Clinton on Monday night is a reminder of how political winds can change. On the eve of the biggest night of the presidential primaries, Newsom shared the spotlight during a town hall meeting staged and broadcast on cable TV and satellite radio by the Hillary Rodham Clinton campaign.

But just four years ago, current Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is said to have declined to have his picture taken in San Francisco with Newsom, who was then at the center of a national uproar over his decision to allow same-sex marriage in San Francisco.

Progressives will remember the watershed moment in 2004 when San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom put his career on the line by supporting gay marriages in San Francisco. Moderates and conservatives were not happy, and that included Obama:

"I gave a fundraiser, at his (Obama's) request at the Waterfront restaurant," said former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown. "And he said to me, he would really appreciate it if he didn't get his photo taken with my mayor. He said he would really not like to have his picture taken with Gavin."

Today, of course, Obama's people are backpedaling away from that account like crazy. His deputy campaign director, Steve Hildebrand, who lives with his partner as an openly gay man, calls it "a ridiculous story."

"Barack Obama gets his picture taken with gay people all the time," Hildebrand said. "Including me, his deputy campaign manager."

It's a factual account of what happened, but here we see the Obama campaign lying about it instead. Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown details his recollection:

"What they [Obama's campaign folks] ought to say is, 'Damn right I did it, and I'd do it again,' " Brown said of the Obama camp. "He was in a race for the Senate, and I am guessing that downstate Illinois is a pretty red (meaning conservative) group of voters."

But on the eve of the biggest vote of the primaries - with the big prize of a California win at stake - the Obama campaign isn't taking Brown's advice.

"They could attack Obama for a lot of things, but this isn't one of them," said Hildebrand. "And for this to pop up on the eve of the election is very suspicious. There's just no truth to it."

To which Brown replies, "Why would I make it up?"

Newsom gets the last word, even as Obama's camp continues to spin and deny...

Staffers say there is still a chill between the two, although Monday night Newsom gave Obama his qualified support.

"I believe in his leadership qualities, and I look forward to voting for him," Newsom said.

"In eight years."

The myth that Barack Obama is a Progressive is just that - fantasy. He's embraced gay marriages now, now that it politically acceptable and 'expedient,' but where was the Mighty Man of Change back when Change was being forged on the front lines of the gay marriage issue?

Hiding from photographers, that's where.

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Comments (6)

And just to add to your info on Obama...Hillary Clinton was key in passing Gay Marriage in Massachusetts by having her campaign manager, Terry McAuliffe, calling legislators to sway their votes. Obama did nothing....

Steve Crickmore:

Let's be clear.. Hillary only supports civil unions and was against gay marriage in 2005, and still is....-see second video

Clinton(2005): Well, I don't know many Democrats who support gay marriage. In fact, I don't and haven't for, you know, years before I became a senator. But I support giving people the right to enter into recognized relationships, that whether you call him civil unions or domestic partnerships, enable them to own property, to have hospital visitation. To me, that's a human rights issue.
. o'kay, but but then there was her evasive reaction to General Peter Pace's remarks...
Sen. Hillary Clinton sidestepped a question about whether she thinks homosexuality is immoral Wednesday, less than two weeks after telling gay-rights activists she was "proud" to stand by their side.

Clinton was asked the question by ABC News, in the wake of Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Peter Pace's controversial comment that he believed homosexual acts were immoral.

"Well, I'm going to leave that to others to conclude," she said

And it wasn't till 1999, that she decided to change her views on 'Don't ask don't tell', when she realized it wasn't working. This is one issue ,in general, particulary her slowness in responding to Pace's remarks, where she should be taking more of a lead, given she has so much support from the gay community.

Obama is also ahead of Clinton on 'trans gender discrimination, another obvious progressive issue. He has absolutely zero tolerance for it. She's waiting for others "to see the light".

Lee Ward:

Obama's current position doesn't match his record - and his record shows us how he'll actually come down on these issues once the election is over, once his campaign rhetoric dies down.

Obama lacks the Progressive Gene - he's pandering, that's all he's doing is pandering.

Steve Crickmore:

For the record, it seems Obama is 'in opposition' to gay marriage just as Hillary is, and it seems for the same reason.

In an interview with the Chicago Daily Tribune, Obama said, "I'm a Christian. And so, although I try not to have my religious beliefs dominate or determine my political views on this issue, I do believe that tradition, and my religious beliefs say that marriage is something sanctified between a man and a woman."

So this was probably why Obama was against what Willie Brown was doing at city hall with gay marriages. I assume Wiillie Brown was trying to legalize same-sex marriage with his ceremonies and it was more than just a civil union.

By the way has anyone ever asked Willie Brown why he changed his flight at the last moment On September 11, 2001? Conspiracy theorists always use that has a fact supporting their beliefs, but there may be a pefectly strightforward reason why he changed his departure flight that morning from New York?

Lee Ward:

So Obama allows his religion to drive his political decisions...?

Now how exactly is that a change from what we've had for the last 7 friggin' years?

This guy is less and less progressive every day!


One consistent thing about Hillary: she knows how to attack, and her hubby is even better at it. Bill can kick ass and does. Hillary has learned so much from him. Experience in action.


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